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How to help others during COVID-19

Johanna Rumphorst During a crisis like this it’s important to not only look after yourself, but also for people in need. Research has shown that helping others can also help you personally, by reaching out to others you can benefit your own mental health. These initiatives and tips are worth considering if you’re in the fortunate position to be able to help others. Food With many Australian families struggling to buy groceries due to job loss, #shopwithyou is an initiative helping out with free $50 grocery vouchers for Coles or Woolworths for those that need support! if you would...

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5 Tips for Mental Wellbeing amid self-isolation

Johanna Rumphorst Isolation, social distancing measures and the closure of schools and workplaces are current challenges that can affect our mental health – many of us can experience symptoms of anxiety like stress, fear and loneliness at this time. But what do you do without the things that usually help, like seeing friends and family or having a brownie in your favourite coffee shop? Don’t panic, there are many things that will make you feel better and also comply with the rules. The following 5 tips will help to make you feel more relaxed and support your mental wellbeing...

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Control your Cravings with Mindful Eating

Dipti Singh The fast-paced world today is enticing people with an array of food options. Sometimes we eat four portions of a meal without even realising while watching our favourite series on Netflix. Do you recall when you had your meal with an actual conversation without the interruption of a TV or mobile phone? Well, it’s hard to remember. It’s high time to realise that our eating habits have become unhealthy and guilty inducing. Nowadays, eating has become a thoughtless act, and this can be troublesome for your health. Through eating carefully, you can regain your concentration. Mindful eating...

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Sugar and Gum Disease – This is New!

With Easter just around the corner, kids around the country will be salivating at the thought of all the chocolate treats to come. Whilst we all enjoy a delicious chocolatey treat or two, it is worth remembering there is a direct link between dental decay and a diet high in sugar. We have known for a long time that tooth decay is caused by bacteria in our mouths. When we consume sugary foods and drinks, the bacteria will use the sugar to produce acid. It is this acid that dissolves the teeth, causing cavities. The duration of food in...

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Benefits of Pet-Friendly Rentals

Isabella Ross Us Aussies love our furry friends. With our country having one of the largest pet populations globally, there is no wonder that many renters seek pet-friendly rentals. Here to break down the benefits that landlords can obtain by promoting their rentals as pet-friendly is Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia. “It just makes good economic sense that landlords and property investors consider allowing their properties to become pet-friendly. Sadly many pet parents feel forced to lie about their pets to gain access to rental accommodation. Landlords and investment owners should not be afraid to ask what type...

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