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The Power of Self-Compassion

Isabella Ross 2020 has been a tough one that’s for sure! That is why it is now more important than ever, for us to acknowledge our feelings and work towards a more balanced and content mindset for 2021. This is where self-compassion comes into play. As noted on, self-compassion is all about being gentle, kind and understanding with yourself. It is about accepting that you are not perfect and understanding that there is always potential for learning and growth (Neff, 2003). A Self Compassion Exercise If you are feeling anxious or self-critical, here is one handy exercise to...

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Must-have Products for a Better Sleep

Eliza Cusack Losing sleep can have a particularly harmful effect on your body. In fact, research has shown that not getting enough sleep can lower your immune system, increase your chances of developing a heart disease and seriously impact your cognitive health. Brain functions such as decision-making, memory and problem solving are all worsened as a result of little sleep. Whilst these genius sleep products may not solve everything, they will certainly help to improve your sleeping patterns and allow you to have a more restful night’s sleep.  Pillow Spray Sleep sprays will usually contain calming ingredients such as...

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What causes sensitive teeth, and how can I treat them?

Dr Ian Sweeney Do you have sensitive teeth? Do you dread your six-monthly clean because of the cold water? Fortunately, these days we have a number of wonderful products to help reduce sensitivity. One such product is supplies in gel form. The gel is a mixture of two local anaesthetics, lidocaine and prilocaine. It is a topical anaesthetic that is simply applied to the gums to provide gentle numbing during cleaning lasting approximately 20 minutes. This gives the dentist plenty of time to perform the cleaning. It can be applied to all of your teeth or just certain areas...

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Our Favourite Wellbeing Trends of 2020

With November almost over, Sydney Observer reflects on some of our favourite wellness, beauty and lifestyle trends for the year, as covered in our previous issues. Sculpting with Gua Shas Similar to jade rollers, the Gua Sha is another Ancient Chinese tradition. Using the heart-shaped massage tool, you can sculpt the skin to improve circulation and perform lymphatic drainage. By doing this, the skin will appear more ‘sculpted’ and firmer – something we all absolutely love! Made out of crystal, commonly jade or rose quartz, Gua Shas have catapulted in popularity, so why not give it a go yourself....

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Mouthwash – Should I or Shouldn’t I? That is the Question

Dental mouthwash does not offer a replacement for the mechanical brushing and flossing of teeth. However, they may help to augment the cleaning process in more susceptible people by reaching some of the more difficult spots. Generally speaking, mouthwash is classified into two categories, cosmetic and therapeutic. Cosmetic mouthwash may temporarily mask bad breath and leave a ‘fresh taste’ or ‘fresh feeling’ in the mouth. If a mouthwash does not kill bacteria associated with bad breath, it is considered cosmetic. Therapeutic mouthwash, on the other hand, contain ingredients that will help control or reduce conditions like bad breath, dental...

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