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Supporting your Loved Ones in Lockdown

Madeleine Taplin As lockdown drags on for millions of people across Australia, many family and friends are wondering how best to help ensure their loved ones are maintaining a good state of wellbeing. In Sydney, this recent lockdown has been the longest the state has experienced, and this has seen an increased sense of feelings of panic and anxiety, not to mention significant increases in loneliness. During this time, an essential strategy to keep stress in check is to communicate with others, so now is the perfect time to check in with your friends and family and support one...

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Healthy Escapism

Sara Zarriello Since the very beginning of the pandemic, we have been restricted. This has potentially made for some very unproductive and negative behaviours to arise. So how do we master our emotions through positive outlets? Healthy escapism could be the answer. With a global crisis raging on in the background, it can be quite difficult to steer our focus away from this and onto more productive activities or areas of our lives. A lot of us will be feeling more drained lately and find ourselves turning the news off more often than we usually would. Even going to...

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How to Spark Joy Amid Lockdown Blues

Isabella Ross Use Your ‘Good Things’ Whether it’s lighting the fancy beeswax candle that cost you a fortune, using your fabulous fine china for a lockdown Sunday lunch with the family household or finally testing out a luxurious sheet mask, there are a million ways to treat yourself during this testing time. I for one know that when the blues start to sneak in, a relaxing bath with a good bath oil, a caramel-scented candle and a glass of red from an NSW winery afterwards can do the trick! A Bit of Baking: For those who love to get...

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COVID-19 Testing North Shore Locations

Hornsby Clinical Labs Pathology Drive-through clinic 7 Jersey Street, Carpark of the former Northern Institute of Sydney, 2077, HornsbyCarpark of the former Northern Institute of Sydney.Appointments are not required Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital Building 8, Level 2, Derby Road, Gate 5, Old Leighton Lodge, 2077, HornsbyAppointments are not required St Ives Douglas Hanly Moir Drive-through Pathology 450 Mona Vale Rd, St Ives Showground, 2075, St. IvesChildren under 5 years can be tested at this clinic. Appointments are not required Roseville Respiratory Clinic 132A Pacific Highway, 2069, RosevilleThe clinic is the White Marquee on the left-hand side of the main medical centre....

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Feeling flat or stressed? Sign up to Black Dog Institute’s free trial

With current COVID restrictions and lockdown, the Black Dog Institute is reaching out to those who have been left feeling unable to cope following the pandemic. Whether it is because you have been left in financial difficulties, are struggling to secure work or are just in shock upon reflection about what has happened this year – the medical research centre wants to help. The medical research institute is running research on how people receive and learn strategies on how to cope with stress and mood issues through a new, free trial which can be delivered digitally from your own...

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