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Five-day holiday set to get Sydneysiders on the move

This year a five-day break over Easter provides the perfect opportunity to take a short trip down the coast Mike Fairbairn With Easter just around the corner, Sydneysiders can make the most of their holidays this year and take off to the South Coast to soak up the last rays of the Autumn sun. The south coast is the gateway to luxury and adventure, it is also on Sydney’s doorstep. It is the coast of procrastination and between Sydney and Tuross Heads there is a variety of different things to do, see, eat and drink. The stunning Tuross Heads...

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Tohoku, Japan: From bullet trains to Mt Zao Ice Monsters

For someone travelling to Japan without skis in the middle of her coldest winter in more than 30 years the first question everyone asks are why are you going and where is Tohoku?

 Tohoku is the north eastern area of the Honshu Island (Japan’s largest island) and it is divided in seven prefectures. It prides itself on being the heartbeat of Japan as this is the area which has the rice paddies, the salmon farms and is also the traditional snow skiing region of Japan. Mount Zao is an active volcano and is located on the border of Yamagata...

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Mystical Morocco: the rugged gateway to Africa

Prepare to immerse yourself in the sun-drenched capital of North African culture! By Tess Gibney Frenetic, sweaty and disarmingly foreign, it’s hard to comprehend the bustling port city of Tangier in Morocco’s North is less than a 45 minute ferry ride from mainland Europe. Though similar in climate to the southernmost coast of Spain, the likeness ends abruptly there. Tangier is the tantalising, assaulting entry to Africa, and a prelude of sorts to the vast cultural differences that lie ahead in awe-inspiring, mystical Morocco. Whether you arrive from Europe via boat over the Strait of Gibraltar or fly directly...

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5 reasons to visit Lago di Como

Explore this exotic destination! 1. Spend an entire day on the lake The biggest attraction in Lake Como is quite obviously the lake itself. Water taxis leaving from most of the major towns offer a range of tour options – all day group tours, dinner tours, and private tours. Tour guides will point out sights on the lake – like George Clooney’s villa.  Alternatively skip the guided tour and buy an all day hop-on hop-off ferry pass instead. 2. Varenna Caffe This town easily takes the award for the most picturesque spot on the lake. Slightly less busy than...

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