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‘The Float’ – River Cruising in Brooklyn

One local business is redefining the traditional cruise into ‘The Float’ – the true epitome of adaptability and resourcefulness in the face of international flight restrictions. The Floating Oyster Wine Bar offers you a relaxing journey through the Hawkesbury River waterways in search of beautiful escarpments and amazing rock formations. The Floating Oyster Wine Bar’s philosophy encompasses serenity and exploration, combined with sensory delight. Floating amongst these spectacular sites, the still waters enable guests to regularly see beautiful white bellied sea eagles and other amazing birdlife throughout the voyage, meaning it’s a wonderful opportunity for photography enthusiasts. Incredibly, the...

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Orange: The Heart of NSW

Madeleine Taplin This winter is the perfect time to take a little road trip with your friends and family and explore more of what our wonderful country has to offer. For us New South Wales residents, the perfect road trip takes us into the heart of our state to the regional centre of Orange! Located in the Central Tablelands region, Orange is seeing a massive resurgence in popularity amongst travellers, with more to do and see than ever before! Only 3.5 hours out of Sydney, this thriving country town has rich heritage, award-winning restaurants, boutique shops, magnificent gardens and...

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Travel Overseas without Leaving Australia

Matthew Wai Along with the opening of the borders to most states, people are looking to travel interstate to enjoy their precious holidays after a load of hard work. However, the desire to travel overseas remains. Hence, the introduction of the following location is to allow travellers to experience a slight resemblance from other nations with their interstate travels. In comes the city of Hahndorf. Hahndorf, located within a 30-minute drive from Adelaide is an extraordinary place to experience the old ages of Germany but in South Australia. With its rich and flavourful agricultural environment from the farming background,...

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Hobart: Australia’s Best Kept Secret

Madeleine Taplin Are you looking for a holiday location rich in history, but one that still offers a multitude of other fun activities and plenty of sight-seeing? Tasmania’s capital city Hobart may just be the place for you. Originally a brutal penal colony, Hobart has embraced its history and culture to become one of Australia’s most picturesque cities. With warm hospitality, stunning landscapes, and some of the world’s cleanest air, Hobart is certainly a great place to visit. WHERE TO STAY Hobart is all about heritage mixed with storytelling and art. For this reason, you can’t go past ‘The...

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The Unique and Unknown Parts of the Gold Coast

Matthew Wai With the Federal Government’s new aviation support, the stimulus is aiming to increase and boost Australia’s travel and tourism industry. With this in mind, Sydney Observer wants to present to you a great family-friendly destination where you can find discounted airfares. 13 destination routes have been discounted within Australia, one being the sunny Gold Coast. The Gold Coast has been known for its extremely popular theme parks and Surfers Paradise. However, disregarding the common destinations for tourists on the Gold Coast, we would love to recommend the unusual and unique places for you! Natural Bridge: Natural Bridge,...

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