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It’s Tax Time!

Tax returns are due at the end of October annually; if you are yet to lodge one, you may want to reconsider the way you go about doing it. Hope William-Smith reveals how. The Australian Government ‘myTax’ website allows individuals and business’ to lodge their own tax returns. While you are able to save on tax agent fees and time by lodging from home, agents are urging people to consider visiting a tax office as the deadline approaches, particularly if their tax return is complicated. Self-lodgers who fail to lodge their tax return before October 31st could be hit...

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“Click Frenzy” set to break online sales records

Mobile shopping sales event Click Frenzy Mayhem begins tomorrow evening. Despite slowing online retail growth it is expected to be their largest event ever. Alex Dalland reports. The launch of new online sale Click Frenzy Mayhem is expected to break records in Australia, with over 200 retailers taking part in the giant 24-hour sale. But the event will have to compete with slowing growth in the online retail market, with growth at just 8% this year compared to 12.5% in the year leading to last March. While around 75 per cent of online retail spending occurs on local Australian...

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Cuckoo for Cuckoos

Ninah Kopel takes a look at the latest time-inspired designs from Canada – 24 Hours in the Life of a Swiss Cuckoo Clock. What happens when you ask Swiss design students to reinvent the cuckoo clock? A once antiquated time piece is teleported through time into the realm of modern technology. 24 Hours in the Life of a Swiss Cuckoo Clock is a new exhibit at the UQAM Centre de Design. With a piece for every hour of the day, designer Claudio Colucci is reinventing the old time piece, and challenging audiences to think about the way they tell time....

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How to: Create an audience, and income, with a successful blog

In this month’s Sydney Observer technology section we have devised a few tips on how to create a blog, generate an income and keep readers coming back for more! By: Madhu Manohar Anyone, at any age, can create an online weblog, or “blog”. Running a blog only requires a computer, dedication, and a passion for what you’re writing about. However, while we’ve all heard of ‘make money online’ or ‘make money while you sleep’ ideas – do they actually work? Research your favourite blogs Before you write your first entry, research as many blogs with similar topics as you...

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