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Pokémon Go Mania

Danielle Armour The sudden and rapid rise of Pokémon Go has once again brought up the debate over what is and is not acceptable when it comes to when, where and how we use smart phones. Pokémon Go is a location-based augmented reality mobile game that launched at the start of the month. Players are encouraged to walk around and capture virtual creatures, called Pokémon, which they can then train to battle against other users. The games uses smartphone’s GPS and camera capabilities to allow users to search for Pokémon, who appear on device screens as though in the...

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‘Like for Like’: Taste in the digital age

Juliana Kichkin According to Nietzsche, “all of life is a dispute over taste,” and for Tom Vanderbilt the relativity of taste is a reflection of how transient our cultural climate is, and by extension, we are. “We are in flux, the very je ne sais quoi of existence,” he says in an interview published on The New Yorker, promoting his new book ‘You May Also Like.’ With Facebook introducing the expanded like button reactions in February, where someone can do more than just ‘like’ a post, it seems we’re being prompted to engage authentically in a digitised world governed...

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Lost in translation no more

Danielle Armour Getting lost in translation could be a thing of the past thanks to a new piece of travel technology. Pilot is an earpiece which can translate between users speaking different languages. Developed by Waverly Labs in New York, the smart earpiece translator is set to revolutionise the way we communicate, featuring a built in app that translates between languages. The start-up company’s goal is to disable language barriers globally. The earpiece is used in conjunction with a smartphone app which can switch between languages and then upload them to the earpiece. Pilot can be used for conversation...

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Notify App customises smartphone alerts

Hope William-Smith Facebook has launched a new app which allows smartphone users to receive instantaneous updates on news and information relevant to their likes and interests. “Notifications are becoming one of the primary ways people first learn about things wherever they are,” said Facebook product manager Julian Gutman in a recent blog post. ‘Notify’ sends alerts to a smartphone’s lock screen on topics based on a user’s interests including sports results, local and national news, music or movies. On installing the app, users are able to choose their own mix of sources or individual topics they would like to...

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Can Internet Activism Make a Difference?

Joanita Wibowo The centrality of social media in everyday life has made it a ripe hunting ground for not just businesses, but also activists and interest groups. This should be no surprise to many of us. A study at University of Sydney shows that an increase in social media usage leads to more political engagement and participation by young people. It also found that 65 per cent of Australian respondents aged 16-29 state that Facebook, rather than television or print media, is the main platform from which they first hear about news, social events and political issues. Social media...

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