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Is fake news the new reality?

Juliana Kichkin Facebook has faced intense criticism in the wake of the U.S election, with many arguing that huge volumes of false news spread on the site skewed public perception of the electoral candidates. Many have asked what role does Facebook played in the election’s sensational outcome. Founder and CEO of Facebook, Zuckerberg has just outlined plans for controlling the platform in light of Trump’s shocking victory. This comes as a reversal of his declaration earlier that Facebook affecting the course of the election was a “pretty crazy idea.” The turbulent election called into question the platform’s ability to...

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Augmented Reality in Schools

Alex Dalland In what could be an Australian first, an education startup on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast has introduced an app incorporating ‘Augmented Reality’ into schools. Mooloolaba based company MyDiary uses the technology to bring more than 300,000 Australian school diaries to life using students’ mobile devices – with extra content appearing on the paper pages as they navigate them with the phone’s camera. According to Ooyala’s Q1 Global Video index, this will not just make education more entertaining – it will also help increase fact retention, with only 10 per cent of read information being retained more than three...

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Real-time Transport Apps: Which is Right for You?

Alex Dalland The NSW government has now made Opal data available to commuters to allow them to see which buses are busiest – meaning that they have the choice to avoid full buses at peak times in advance. “This is yet another way that Opal data can be practical for everyone,” Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance said in a recent statement. “This will show users whether their bus is empty, has seating or is crowded.” “While the app won’t create more seats, it will give people more choice,” he added, promising more services are on the way,...

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Twitter makes a stance in the war on terror

Juliana Kichkin In the latest development of social media platforms waking up to the reality of extremist groups using social media platforms to rally a call to arms, Twitter announced the suspension of 235 000 accounts for promoting terrorism, bringing the total number of accounts axed since 2015 to 360 000. In a blog post published on Thursday, Twitter has acknowledged its responsibility as a powerful social tool to mediate and legitimise extremist sentiment – something it seems that has increasingly driven global unrest. “Since [February], the world has witnessed a further wave of deadly, abhorrent terror attacks across...

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Qantas launches free, in-flight Wi-Fi

Danielle Armour The thought of being caught up in turbulence while flying is enough to stop many people from even stepping foot on a plane. Turbulence, however, may be a thing of the past, with Qantas Flight Operations and Engineering teams looking at how they can use in-flight Wi-Fi to help with turbulence, as well as plane maintenance, medical emergencies and connections. Qantas is set to trial free, in-flight Wi-Fi on about 100 domestic aircraft from late 2016, under a partnership with global broadband services provider ViaSet. The service will allow those on-board to stream movies, television programs, and...

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