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Seniors are becoming tech-savvy

Isabella Ross With an increase in digital connectivity and innovation occurring within current society, it has always been a concern that older Australians would become isolated. But recent statistics have revealed that the impacts of technology on the older generations are not as drastic as previously predicted. Australians aged 50 – 69 are significantly more engaged with technology and understand its purpose and potential value. “Digital connectivity is an increasingly important part of life for older Australians and our aim is to ensure older people are included in all aspects of Australian life,” revealed Chief Executive of the Council...

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Brooke Fryer Many social media and phone addicts bring their phone into their bedrooms at night, and mostly put them on charge right next to their heads, and hours later may be wondering why they still haven’t fallen asleep. Within those lingering hours, text messages have appeared, Facebook notifications have popped up and a new follower on Instagram has come through. Each time, the phone has lit up and awaken the restless sleeper from five minutes of an ordinary attempt to fall asleep. These phone lights actually play a role in why people may have trouble falling asleep, and...

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NAPLAN: Is Automated Marking Teaching Children To Write For The Computer?

Tina Wu In the wake of introducing automated marking for NAPLAN’s writing section, there are fears that teaching methods may change to train students to write specifically for the computer. The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) introduced the concept of automated marking for writing assessments in 2015, and the formal process is set to begin with a double-marking scheme completed by a computer and a human marker in 2018. The writing section of NAPLAN asks students to write either a narrative or a persuasive text. This decision was made in the hopes of reducing turnaround times for...

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The Future of Social Robots

Tina Wu Though social robots may be finally hitting the consumer market at the end of this year, questions have been raised regarding the societal implications that these emotionally intelligent bots may bring to robot-human relationships. Since early beginnings in the 1990s, social robots have been designed to provide companionship to people by conversing with their human owners on an emotional level. They are connected to Wi-Fi, have facial recognition, and can help out with household chores. One of the first successful prototypes of these social robots, the Jibo robot, will be available for the US and China markets...

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Computer Viruses Go Global

Tina Wu The recent spate of cyberware attacks, including malware such as WannaCry and BlueBorne, has struck the world over and left many companies scrambling to get their antivirus software in check. These attacks have been pandemic, infecting computers on a global scale. With most of the world now having access to computer technology, this holds significant implications for the global corporate future. Australians woke up on the morning of 13 May to the news of WannaCry hitting British hospitals, schools and other major organisations, which quickly spread across computers in Europe, Africa and the US until over one...

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