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Overcoming Loneliness

Dr Sue Ferguson Following submission of my piece on Overcoming Loneliness, in the Seniors Section of the 2020 April Issue, a lot has changed. Now as seniors, we have to be extra careful about social distancing. I’d rather call it physical distancing from others, as it’s more important than ever to try to keep socially connected. If you’re looking for ideas for how to keep up your social connections, and possibly even build them during this time of COVID-19 (and why this is so important for your own mental and physical health too), then have a look at this...

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Meaning in Life for Older Adults

Dr Sue Ferguson There is a lot of research now showing that having a sense of meaning or purpose is linked to not just psychological benefits, but also to physical health and even to longevity. Part of the meaning we experience in our life is linked to our sense of having a purpose (or reason) for living. Mark Zuckerberg says “purpose is that sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we are needed – that we have something better ahead to work for.” But we don’t need some major achievement – we are not all Mother...

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What’s On This Senior’s Festival

Isabella Ross There are lots of fun events and programs running this month and the next regarding seniors! With something perfectly suited for everyone, now is the time to enjoy all the wonderful activities on offer for our local North Shore seniors. KU-RING-GAI COUNCIL: 12 February – 2 April Ku-ring-gai Council’s ‘Everything for Seniors Day’ Indoor Expo is coming this February 17, with plenty of events, activities and information on offer. The day-long event will be held at Turramurra Uniting Church Hall and Turramurra Seniors Centre in Gilroy Lane, Turramurra from 10am to 2pm. Along with all the fun-filled...

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Finding Hope After Losing a Spouse

Isabella Ross Losing a loved one, not to mention a partner, is one of the hardest things we can go through. In the later years of life, loss is understandably more common. So, it is important to learn a range of coping strategies and to hold onto hope during times of grief. A recent report from Seniors Online Victoria, devised a list of helpful interventions aimed at reducing isolation and loneliness in older Australians. ‘Loneliness is a big issue. Our community don’t see it, but it is there. What we do see is the tip of the iceberg,’ revealed...

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Accessible Apps and Technology Tutorials for Seniors

Isabella Ross Long gone is the stereotype that the older generation has been left behind in technological advancements. With more accessibility, knowledge, tutorials, beginner’s guides and more resources available, our Aussie seniors are becoming incredibly tech-savvy in their own right. Below are all the latest apps specialised for oldies, as well as places people can go to further their skills and hi-tech prowess. Council-led tutorials for seniors: Tech Savvy Seniors 2019 in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean: This program will assist seniors from English and non-English speaking backgrounds who have limited or no previous experience in using technology to...

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