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Aussie Seniors Remaining Resilient

Isabella Ross As 2020 drew to a close, more than half (51.6%) of Australia’s over 50s are looking forward to closing it out and have high hopes for what 2021 holds. Even though there is still uncertainty surrounding the global health crisis, more than two in five (41.5%) are set to just “get on with things”, according to findings in the Seniors and Resilience report. Interestingly, Australians over 60 are more resigned to move through whatever comes their way than their younger counterparts, under 60 years of age (44.4% vs. 36.7%). At the same time, males are also more...

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Plan an Outback Adventure

Eliza Cusack With overseas holidays out of the picture for the foreseeable future, why not take advantage of what Australia has to offer and plan an outback adventure. We have chosen three different types of tours depending on your fitness ability and what sights you are hoping to see. KAKADU The Northern Territory is home to thousands of native wildlife and species of flora. There is also the opportunity to learn more about the Indigenous people of Australia. If you are looking to rent or utilise your own caravan, camping in the Kakadu National Park is a once in...

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Start to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems Today

Dr Sue Ferguson Usually when we think of coping, we think of efforts to deal with stressful situations we are in the midst of (reactive coping). Proactive coping, on the other hand, involves identifying and dealing with stressful situations that are likely to happen in the future. This includes building our resilience and resources, making plans, and changing our thoughts and behaviour in order to deal with the situation in advance and thus reduce its impact. As we get older, we get better at using proactive coping. Among Australian older adults, higher proactive coping is associated with higher personal...

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Improve your technology skills

Eliza Cusack The digital world can often be very overwhelming and hard to comprehend, particularly with new technologies evolving every day. Here are a few steps you can take to improve your technology skills and feel more confident in the digital space. Write a list A great step is to compile a list of questions you have, including every service you wish to explore. These could range from easier ways to stay in touch with family, to shopping online and managing your finances.  Get a how-to book There are a great variety of helpful books that can make it...

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How to Trace Your Ancestry

Eliza Cusack Research has shown that tracing your ancestry or family tree can have an overwhelming amount of benefits. Understanding your family roots can help to develop a greater sense of identity and pride. Knowing you are a part of a family with a rich story and history can provide a great amount of peace and contentment. One of the greatest perks, is the chance to be able to connect with long-lost relatives. Researching and discovering your family history can even become a new hobby in itself and can aid in your cognitive function, keeping your brain active and...

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