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Coping with Chronic Illness

Having a chronic illness is hard work some days. Coming to terms with the symptoms and their impact on everyday functioning can be stressful, especially if you have more than one illness (as many older adults do). Getting reliable information and support are vital, and is a good place to start. Many common illnesses have organisations which, as well as being a a good source of information, also provide support to those with the illness and their families (such as Arthritis NSW and Parkinson’s Australia). Support groups with members with the same illness or symptoms are a big...

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Coping with COVID: Ku-ring-gai Seniors Edition

Madeleine Taplin With the current COVID-19 lockdown set to continue, questions have been raised regarding the increasing chance of loneliness and anxiety in NSW citizens, particularly among older residents. As the Delta Variant is incredibly infectious, we are seeing far more elderly citizens choosing to completely isolate in their own homes, and whilst this may be effective in lessening the chance of contraction, constant isolation has proven to have significant detrimental impacts on the mental and physical health of individuals. To help combat these increasing chances of loneliness, The Resilience Centre and Ku-ring-gai Council are teaming up to offer...

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The Importance of Friendship in Old Age

Madeleine Taplin There is no denying that having a few good friends – or many – has always been golden. As we age, those friendships may become even more important. Friendships aren’t just about the social glue and glitz of life. A good friendship can dispel loneliness, improve your health, boost your sense of wellbeing and even add to your years! Now more than ever, it is incredibly important to ensure that as we age, we surround ourselves with positivity and those individuals that make us feel happy and warm inside. Loneliness stemming from having too few friends doesn’t...

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Ku-ring-gai Locals Knitting for Charity

Matthew Wai With the restart of the Wednesday knitting group in Gordon Library on 5th May from 11am to 12pm, we thought it perfect timing to introduce the joys of knitting to locals. Knitting is not just a hobby for many – it is a way to concentrate, relax or learn. As experienced knitting blogger Margie Pearl notes, knitting is great for the mind as by fixing certain mistakes, you are learning. Another great aspect about knitting is that you can create whatever your heart desires – ultimately the satisfaction you gain after accomplishing a garment can be truly...

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Wellbeing for Seniors

Dr Sue Ferguson As well-known psychologist Martin Seligman says, “I’m trying to broaden the scope of positive psychology well beyond the smiley face. Happiness is just one-fifth of what human beings choose to do.” These building blocks of wellbeing are described by the acronym ‘PERMA’, and they help us flourish. These are an important aspect of wellbeing, but they also contribute to our resources and resilience and thus our future wellbeing. P is for Positive emotions (happiness, optimism, gratitude, amusement, awe and joy). So, try to think positively about your situation, or list 3 good things that have happened...

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