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Natalie Di Paola Every year before Easter the property market is usually bursting with action however, reports show that the number of Pre-Easter Super Saturday auctions this year are lower than previous years. According to Domain, Saturday February 17 saw an estimated 510 properties at auction, with a clearance rate of 67.5 per cent, while Saturday February 24 saw a higher number of 964 auctions with a clearance rate of 70 per cent. Saturday March 3 saw a decrease, with 801 auctions with a clearance rate of 65.3 per cent. One reason for this decrease in numbers is the...

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The Basics of Buying Your First House

Natalie Di Paola Buying your first house can be quite intimidating, with many not knowing where to start or what might be involved in the process. The first and most important step is to be prepared financially. Your budget will help you decide what you can and cannot afford. Also, having a deposit saved will not only help your credit worthiness, but also speed along the buying process. David Woods from LJ Hooker, Roseville used to be a broker and says that the first thing he would look at was whether the buyer had a deposit or not. “If...

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Renting vs Buying

Brooke Fryer What are the options for young people in a property market that is becoming increasingly more expensive? For many young Australians looking to move out, there is possibly nothing more perplexing than deciding whether to rent or buy. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, property prices in Sydney and Melbourne have risen 10 per cent in the past 12 months, leaving many with no choice but to rent. But as property prices rise, so do rental prices. So what are the options for young people looking to rent? The average property price in Sydney’s North Shore...

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Chatting with Peter Knox

Chatting with Peter Knox Sabrina Muysken chats with Peter Knox, of Knox Family Real Estate, about the current North Shore real estate climate, the Jenman System, and how this approach will likely get the very best price for your home. What is the Jenman System? PK: The Jenman System itself is client and customer based. There are three main pillars of the Jenman System; ethics, values and client care. We promise not to put any person or property into the public auction pressure cooker. We promise not to cheapen their property or put it at risk by holding an...

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