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Ku-ring-gai: One of Australia’s happiest, safest, wealthiest and most-educated areas

Isabella Ross Bond University’s ‘Happiness Index’ gave Ku-ring-gai some of the best ratings for safe and happy living in Australia. The project is a large-scale data matching initiative which uses more than 17,000 data points to investigate the geography of advantage and disadvantage across Australia. The ‘Happiness Index’ analyses data including Census findings on nine key lifestyle factors including housing affordability, education, community, jobs, wealth, accessibility, work-life balance, health and safety. The project’s intent is to establish what areas in Australia are doing well on lifestyle aspects, whether through their volunteering rates, educational achievements or low crime rates.  The...

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Eco-Investment: How your next investment could save your bill and the planet

Aaron Christensen If you have been becoming a tad more eco-conscious as of late or you just want to save on your power bill, you may have considered solar panels. Over 1.9 million Australians own a solar hot water system and/or photovoltaic solar electricity panels, with solar energy this year becoming the greatest net addition to worldwide electricity generation. For a long time, solar power was too inefficient and expensive to be an appropriate investment for many people. However, the costs of panels (which convert sunlight to DC current) and inverters (which converts the current from DC to AC,...

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Link Between Census Data and Ku-ring-gai Real Estate

Isabella Ross There is no doubt that the basis of real estate within the Ku-ring-gai area has transformed in recent years with an increase in housing and market demand. The question is now whether newfound Census findings will affect the availability and profitability of property within the local community. According to new Census data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Ku-ring-gai residents in Sydney’s upper north shore are the most socioeconomically advantaged in Australia. The data saw Ku-ring-gai followed by Mosman and Woollahra labelled the most advantaged areas, with the top 10 all recorded to be either...

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Natalie Di Paola Ryde City Council and Andrew Zbik of Lane Cove Council are standing against the new Medium Density Housing Code introduced by the Minister for Planning, the Hon. Anthony Roberts. The new code, which comes into effect 6 July 2018, would mean that developers would easily be able to build multi-dwelling houses, such as terraces and town houses, in areas that are zoned for low density homes, which are free standing homes. It would mean that a developer does not need to seek Council approval and that elected Councillors would not be able to consult with local...

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Natalie Di Paola The Northern Beaches Council has announced that it would like to open up a university campus within the community, inviting existing universities to establish a campus in a council-owned building. “Council will be inviting expressions of interest from the higher education industry to set up a satellite campus on the Northern Beaches,” says Northern Beaches Mayor Michael Regan. Regan believes that establishing a university campus in the area would provide significant economic and social benefits. The idea has been in the works for years, starting before the Northern Beaches became one council. The Frenchs Forest ‘Planned...

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