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What’s Hot on the Property Market

Isabella Ross As Principal of Belle Property Lindfield, Geoff Dean has a comprehensive understanding of the local property market. Sydney Observer sat down with Geoff to discuss what the housing market is looking like this month and how sellers can increase the value of their home. How did you start in real estate? I was working nights at Macquarie Bank as a broker. I was trying to buy a place on the Upper North Shore, and I had a good budget but felt I wasn’t being serviced as well as I could have been by the local agents at...

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Top 5 checklist for buying property

Tayla Foster One of the scariest moments in an individual’s adult life is the leap of faith they take into purchasing a property. Regardless of how big or small the land may be, the notion of buying barren land for a minimum down payment of $65,000 followed by mortgage repayments, land rates and bills is enough to make a person feel rightfully anxious! But before signing your life away on the dotted line, here are the top 5 checklist items to consider when buying any form of property. Do know your area: Unlike a car, the value of land...

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Where Does the North Shore Stand amid Housing Crisis?

Eliza Cusack As a direct result of COVID-19, rent across the North Shore has plummeted. This has eventually led to the issue of renegotiating leases on behalf of tenants who are threatening to leave if their rents aren’t reduced. The latest issue of the Domain Rent Report has shown that Sydney units are the sector that’s been hit the hardest. The report showed that in the June quarter, rent prices were the lowest they have been in five years. On the Lower North Shore, rent has fallen by 6.7 per cent. This can be attributed to the decrease in...

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It’s all about timing

Tayla Foster Buying a property is often referred to as taking a leap of faith. Investing a large sum of one’s life savings in order to make a large investment is evidence of such. Even in a booming economic climate with the world functioning as ‘normal,’ the notion of saying goodbye to one’s money and hello to mortgage repayments and debt is enough to make anyone’s nerves go into overdrive! Considering the current economic climate, let’s beg the question on home buyers’ minds – is it truly a good time to be making such a large investment in 2020?...

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Get your Home Ready for Winter

Dipti Singh As the colder weather is fast approaching, it’s the right time to dig out the winter woollies and look forward to warm nights in the comfort of your home. It is essential to prepare your home seasonally to make it more welcoming. The top priority is to ensure that your home is safe, warm, cosy, and comfortable to bring out a sense of ease into the cold season. From small details or drastic shifts in colour, the addition of cosy textures and textiles is one of the main concepts of decorating in the colder months. Here are...

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