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Ditching Renting for Investing

Sara Zarriello With an already precarious property market prior to the pandemic, Sydney’s significant housing and rental figures continue to rise, especially now whilst drawn out by consistent lockdowns. This has not only put a strain on the pockets of Sydney’s youth, but that of their parents too.  What is now referred to as ‘Generation Boomerang’ has seen Millennial and Generation Z renters move back home to live with their parents as a money saving tactic. It’s recorded that more people aged in the 25-34 bracket in Sydney are choosing to live at home because of greater labour and...

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Rent or Own? The Ultimate Question

Matthew Wai Will renting always be ‘dead money?’ Or will owning a property always guarantee you a constant appreciation? With a fluctuating market and climate, we can never be certain about these variables. However, in this article, we will help you make your decision-making easier by emphasizing the advantages of the two different methods. Owning a property: 1.     Property value rises in the future Although property prices may not climb significantly in the short-term, the value of your property will most likely rise in the long-term. This is, however, highly dependable on the features of your property, such as...

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How to Save Smarter and Spend Wiser by Refinancing

Matthew Wai Are you a homeowner looking into purchasing another home or an investor wanting to capitalise on the gains of your properties? Regardless of your position, if you are one of the individuals mentioned above, you may want to look into ‘refinancing’ your home loan. First of all, what is refinancing? Refinancing is a process where a new loan is implemented to replace the old loan with a better rate, ultimately saving more money with each repayment. This can either be done by negotiating with the lender for a new contract or contacting a mortgage broker in discovering...

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What’s Hot on the Property Market

Isabella Ross As Principal of Belle Property Lindfield, Geoff Dean has a comprehensive understanding of the local property market. Sydney Observer sat down with Geoff to discuss what the housing market is looking like this month and how sellers can increase the value of their home. How did you start in real estate? I was working nights at Macquarie Bank as a broker. I was trying to buy a place on the Upper North Shore, and I had a good budget but felt I wasn’t being serviced as well as I could have been by the local agents at...

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Top 5 checklist for buying property

Tayla Foster One of the scariest moments in an individual’s adult life is the leap of faith they take into purchasing a property. Regardless of how big or small the land may be, the notion of buying barren land for a minimum down payment of $65,000 followed by mortgage repayments, land rates and bills is enough to make a person feel rightfully anxious! But before signing your life away on the dotted line, here are the top 5 checklist items to consider when buying any form of property. Do know your area: Unlike a car, the value of land...

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