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Digital Citizenship: Benefits of Online Gaming

Sarah Wainwright Let’s break it down! Video games span from a simple, single player card game to massive multiplayer online games with virtual universes, where players interact and deal with transactions in the form of points, game enhancements and money. Video games are played on computers, laptops, hand-held devices, game consoles and increasingly on phones and tablets. One of the most popular multiplayer online games is ‘Fortnight Battle Royale’ boasting 40 million players world-wide (Webroot.Inc., 2021). A Snapshot on Gaming Courtesy of Digital Australia, 2020: Over 90% of Australian households own a gaming device67% of Australians play video games46%...

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Optimism and how to have a little more

Sarah Wainwright One of my favourite and most compelling branches of psychology is Positive Psychology. I had the privilege of attending a lecture by one of the founders, Professor Martin Seligman, at Ravenswood School for Girls. Some of the scientific research undertaken by Professor Seligman includes optimism, and more specifically, Learned Optimism. Optimism is an attitude, a belief that the outcomes of events or experiences will generally be positive. Optimistic attitudes are linked to a number of benefits, including better coping skills, lower stress levels, better health and greater persistence when pursuing goals. Learned Optimism explains that we can...

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Relationship Reboot: The Five Love Languages

Sarah Wainwright Catching up for a dog walk and coffee with my friend Catherine Simes, Psychologist and School Counsellor at The Kings School, we found ourselves talking about love, marriage and romantic relationships! Cath mentioned The Five Love Languages and how useful they are to consider in relationships. The original intention of The Love Language theory is learning each other’s love languages and modifying one’s own behaviour accordingly. “In my work as a counsellor and psychologist, I’ve found The Five Love Languages is a really powerful way to help clients understand their partner (or children, friends and family members)...

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Communication and Conflict Resolution

Communication is important in relationships, which includes being a good listener and talking openly and honestly. A healthy communication style can make it easier to deal with conflict and build stronger relationships (Better Health Victoria, 2019). Additionally, healthy conflict can allow you to connect more effectively because you are able to understand each other on a deeper level. Conflict can also help another person understand your boundaries, values and belief system (Pizzolla, N. 2018). It is worth considering one of the 5 conflict-resolution styles. 1. Avoidance: avoiding discussing difficult issues in the relationship and minimising problems. Both parties lose...

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Play-based Learning… at Home with Parents!

As parents navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, we have been faced with many changes and much uncertainty. Additionally, we have been confronted with a new and unexpected situation when it comes to educating our children at home! Home-schooling has been adopted by the majority of parents. However, many parents feel under great pressure themselves at times and ill-equipped to home-school their children. In light of this, play-based learning is a useful concept! Early Childhood Educators from Deakin University note “research shows that play-based learning enhances a child’s academic and developmental learning outcomes. Children are naturally motivated to play, and...

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