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Cosmetic Dentistry 101

Dr Ian Sweeney A smile is a beautiful asset, and many people believe a smile will advance their work, career and social prospects. Cosmetic dentistry concentrates on techniques designed to not only maintain maximum longevity of teeth, but also focus on ways to improve the overall aesthetic appearance of teeth. There are many cosmetic options available, depending on each person’s unique need. Examples of cosmetic treatments available include but are not limited to the following: Tooth Whitening: By far, the simplest way to brighten a smile! Whitening is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that can be performed within the dental...

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Digital Citizenship: Benefits of Online Gaming

Sarah Wainwright Let’s break it down! Video games span from a simple, single player card game to massive multiplayer online games with virtual universes, where players interact and deal with transactions in the form of points, game enhancements and money. Video games are played on computers, laptops, hand-held devices, game consoles and increasingly on phones and tablets. One of the most popular multiplayer online games is ‘Fortnight Battle Royale’ boasting 40 million players world-wide (Webroot.Inc., 2021). A Snapshot on Gaming Courtesy of Digital Australia, 2020: Over 90% of Australian households own a gaming device67% of Australians play video games46%...

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Wellbeing for Seniors

Dr Sue Ferguson As well-known psychologist Martin Seligman says, “I’m trying to broaden the scope of positive psychology well beyond the smiley face. Happiness is just one-fifth of what human beings choose to do.” These building blocks of wellbeing are described by the acronym ‘PERMA’, and they help us flourish. These are an important aspect of wellbeing, but they also contribute to our resources and resilience and thus our future wellbeing. P is for Positive emotions (happiness, optimism, gratitude, amusement, awe and joy). So, try to think positively about your situation, or list 3 good things that have happened...

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Optimism and how to have a little more

Sarah Wainwright One of my favourite and most compelling branches of psychology is Positive Psychology. I had the privilege of attending a lecture by one of the founders, Professor Martin Seligman, at Ravenswood School for Girls. Some of the scientific research undertaken by Professor Seligman includes optimism, and more specifically, Learned Optimism. Optimism is an attitude, a belief that the outcomes of events or experiences will generally be positive. Optimistic attitudes are linked to a number of benefits, including better coping skills, lower stress levels, better health and greater persistence when pursuing goals. Learned Optimism explains that we can...

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Perfect Plants for Shade

Brian Roach One of the great challenges for suburban gardening is finding plants that are happy in the shade. Many local gardens are in the shadows of our majestic gums, creating problems not only because of reduced sunlight but also with the root systems of large trees robbing the soil of moisture. Contrary to popular belief, there are many native plants that do well in shady spots, ranging from groundcovers to large shrubs and trees. A particularly good groundcover for these conditions is the prostrate form of Goodenia ovata. This plant is endemic to our local, coastal region and...

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