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Wonderful Wattles

Brian Roach Just what would we do without our wonderful wattles? The drive along the M1 in late winter or early spring simply wouldn’t be the same. But sadly, even the more experienced gardeners tend to shy away from putting a wattle in the garden. There are three very questionable myths behind that reluctance. They get too big, they’re short-lived and they aggravate asthma. But there are some fantastic smaller wattles. Their life span can be greatly extended by judicious pruning and while wattles often get the blame, the inland grasses are seeding around the same time as many...

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Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Dr Ian Sweeney Choosing the right toothpaste can be an overwhelming decision. Surrounded by all of the marketing hype and plethora of options it is no wonder dentists are often asked, “which toothpaste should I use?” Well, let’s break it down. Firstly, why do we use toothpastes? We use toothpastes to help clean teeth and gums, strengthen teeth, reduce plaque and bacteria, reduce bad breath, reduce sensitivity and whiten teeth. Not every toothpaste will do all of these things, so then the decisions begin. Generally speaking, all toothpastes will clean teeth. They all contain some form of detergent or...

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Turn to Gratitude in Times of Strife

We could all use a mood boost about now! Research has shown that consistently practicing gratitude over time can lead to feeling more positive emotions and help you deal with stress. Practising gratitude is a way of reminding yourself of all the good things that have happened to you (and savouring them). However, gratitude also involves acknowledging and being thankful for the people who helped make those good things happen. Gratitude can just be a way you feel and think, or you can involve expressing your thanks to someone who has helped you or been kind. Gratitude stops you...

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How much Sugar is Hiding in your Trolley?

Dental Health Week 2020 aims to show the average Australian just how much hidden sugar is lurking in the processed food they eat, how it affects their oral and general health, and how they can eat sugar responsibly. Sugar in our diet is a tricky thing as we are often unaware we are consuming it. A sugary treat is one thing, but there is plenty of sugar in foods we all eat daily without knowing it. It may not be difficult to identify the exact amount of sugar in food as it may be identified on the label. Sugars...

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Communication and Conflict Resolution

Communication is important in relationships, which includes being a good listener and talking openly and honestly. A healthy communication style can make it easier to deal with conflict and build stronger relationships (Better Health Victoria, 2019). Additionally, healthy conflict can allow you to connect more effectively because you are able to understand each other on a deeper level. Conflict can also help another person understand your boundaries, values and belief system (Pizzolla, N. 2018). It is worth considering one of the 5 conflict-resolution styles. 1. Avoidance: avoiding discussing difficult issues in the relationship and minimising problems. Both parties lose...

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