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Coping with Chronic Illness

Having a chronic illness is hard work some days. Coming to terms with the symptoms and their impact on everyday functioning can be stressful, especially if you have more than one illness (as many older adults do). Getting reliable information and support are vital, and is a good place to start. Many common illnesses have organisations which, as well as being a a good source of information, also provide support to those with the illness and their families (such as Arthritis NSW and Parkinson’s Australia). Support groups with members with the same illness or symptoms are a big...

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COVID-19 and Dentistry

Even before COVID-19, the rate of dental decay in Australia was increasing, particularly in children. Australian figures show approximately 33% of children less than 5 years of age have dental decay in their baby teeth, while approximately 50% of children aged 12 have experienced dental decay in at least one permanent tooth. Dental decay in children can progress rapidly and may require hospitalisation to treat the associated infections. In Australia, approximately 26,000 hospital admissions are required annually to treat dental decay, making it the leading cause of preventable hospitalisations in Australian children. A recent study has analysed Australian Government...

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Are Kids Susceptible to Online Gambling?

Sydney Observer Contributor Parents across the community have been urged to sit down with their adolescent children and discuss the dangers of online gambling. In a bid to entice the young ‘Candy Crush’ gaming generation, numerous companies have been advertising free-to-play online gambling apps that mimic video game formats to impressionable youth. This is an alarming thought, when considering just how popular video games and gaming apps have become amongst adolescents. Recently, the World Health Organisation officially recognised gaming addiction disorder as a mental health condition. To ensure these electronic gaming-machine apps are not available or marketed to anyone...

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Australian Natives: Pea Flowers, Perfect for Spring

Brian Roach If ever there was a common name for a native plant that simply rolls a multitude of species into the one name, it must be ‘Eggs & Bacon.’ I’m sure it had its origin in seeking to describe a plant with pea-like flowers that were yellow and orange. There are many of them and most are in the family Fabaceae and they’re not all yellow and orange. Just about all members of this very large group are legumes and so yes, they are pea flowers! One of my favourite native plants is the West Australian Flame Pea,...

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Expert Gardening Advice: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Brian Roach Have you ever wondered why our local bushland does not significantly suffer during extreme weather conditions? In the past, we have had virtually no rain and some very hot days and yet the trees and shrubs in the bush didn’t seem to care. All the while, many of the plants in our gardens just turned up their toes. In the main, it’s all about roots. I’m fortunate to have a nice boat and I spend quite a bit of time in Cowan Creek and Broken Bay. I never tire of looking at the landscape surrounding this wonderful...

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