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Energy Suppliers Struggle with Privatisation

It is predicted that the proposed energy sell-off will lead to the unemployment of thousands of energy workers, but Treasurer Andrew Constance promises that full-time employees will have job security. Steph Nash reporting. In a leaked document, Sydney Observer can confirm that public electricity provider, Ausgrid, has been struggling with the threat of privatisation since 2013. The document contains details about the company’s Mix and Match program – a controlled redundancy scheme aimed to create job space for their new apprentices. Ausgrid confirms that they currently do not have space to place their trained apprentices in full-time roles. The...

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How We’re Going to ‘Make it Happen’

 It may be one thing to celebrate our acheivements on International Women’s Day, but considering this year’s theme, shouldn’t we be thinking about how far we have to go? Steph Nash explains. ‘Make it Happen’. These three words are the catch-cry of this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations, urging us to celebrate women’s achievements and reflect on how we can push for greater equality.  It goes without saying that we have come a long way since the first International Women’s Day, 101 years ago. The stigma behind the ‘working woman’ is virtually non-existent, with women comprising around 45.9 per...

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Young Woman of the Year: Annabelle Chauncy

Charity founder and young entrepreneur, Annabelle Chauncy, has been named the Harvey Norman Young Woman of the Year. We chat to her about leadership, poverty and about the futures of young women. Ninah Kopel reports. The NSW women of the year have all ‘made it happen’, reflecting this years theme for International Women’s Day. One of these awards went to Annabelle Chauncy OAM, co-founder of School For Life – a foundation working to provide quality education to communities in Uganda. Annabelle and co-founder David Everett, had seen the poverty in East Africa first hand, and were determined to do...

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A Lifetime of Promises

In the lead up to the state election, Steph Nash timelines the political dramas and controversies of the two major parties.  Making an informed decision during any political election is key to upholding the foundations of democracy. Sometimes, the persistent campaigning of political candidates makes it hard to keep track of what’s really been happening in parliament. Over the last four years, the state government and opposition have given us a variety of memories – from former Premier, Barry O’Farrell’s entanglement with Sydney Water, to the parachute promotion of Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley, to leader of the Labor...

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Data Retention: Will it affect my privacy?

The Attorney-General announced this year that the Federal Government would like to keep tabs on its citizens’ internet usage for purposes of national security. Will the data retention laws really be as innocent as the government claim? Stella Gray investigates The federal government’s plan to keep logs of every Australian internet and phone user’s activity for two years, to be made accessible without a warrant, has drawn criticism from experts and industry over privacy and legal concerns. The data retention bill proposes that communication service providers retain what is referred to as ‘metadata’, which includes: device locations, phone numbers...

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