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Optimism and how to have a little more

Sarah Wainwright One of my favourite and most compelling branches of psychology is Positive Psychology. I had the privilege of attending a lecture by one of the founders, Professor Martin Seligman, at Ravenswood School for Girls. Some of the scientific research undertaken by Professor Seligman includes optimism, and more specifically, Learned Optimism. Optimism is an attitude, a belief that the outcomes of events or experiences will generally be positive. Optimistic attitudes are linked to a number of benefits, including better coping skills, lower stress levels, better health and greater persistence when pursuing goals. Learned Optimism explains that we can...

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Trump, Rousseau and Us

Juliana Kichkin According to Rousseau society’s advancements have come hand in hand with its decline into a primitive mindset, epitomised for many in human form in the rise of Donald Trump. 1750 saw his first philosophical work, “A Discourse on the Moral Effects of the Arts and Sciences,” published in deference to this philosophical peers. The arts and sciences, he wrote, were “garlands of flowers over the chains which weigh [men] down,” and “our minds have been corrupted in proportion” as human knowledge has increased.  One of the reasons Rousseau will always resonate among those ill at ease with...

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Council Amalgamation Update

Rima Martens The State Government is holding a public inquiry regarding the proposal to merge Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby Shire council as announced in late December. Being the last chance to have your final say, the Ku-ring-gai Council and community is invited to the Pymble Golf Course on Wednesday February 3, 1pm-5pm or from 7pm-10pm. Written submissions to the delegate are also encouraged and will need to be lodged by 5pm on Sunday February 28. These submissions, along with the reports from the community consultation will form a response for the Boundaries Commission and State Government to consider in their...

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Can Internet Activism Make a Difference?

Joanita Wibowo The centrality of social media in everyday life has made it a ripe hunting ground for not just businesses, but also activists and interest groups. This should be no surprise to many of us. A study at University of Sydney shows that an increase in social media usage leads to more political engagement and participation by young people. It also found that 65 per cent of Australian respondents aged 16-29 state that Facebook, rather than television or print media, is the main platform from which they first hear about news, social events and political issues. Social media...

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NSW number one for jobs

According to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), NSW is leading the nation in job growth. Stephanie Stefanovic reports. NSW Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian said the ABS data showed that there were over 29 500 NSW jobs added in July. This is is four times higher than the next-highest state. “This incredibly strong result accounts for more than three quarters of the jobs added across Australia and confirms we are truly the nation’s strongest economy,” said Ms Berejiklian. “Looking at job ads posted in July, we have seen an increase in new job ads being posted...

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