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Start the Conversation: R U OK?

Tayla Foster The ‘R U OK?’ Foundation is a nationally recognised suicide prevention charity designed to empower and inspire individuals around the world to connect with one another on a deep level. The prospective vision of the foundation is to live in a world where it isn’t taboo for someone to express their feelings openly and freely to another person in fear of rejection and judgement. Their motto, “a conversation could save a life” speaks of the simplicity in making another person’s day brighter just by simply asking them, ‘are you okay?’ Depression is a deadly silent killer, with...

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Hornsby’s Generosity for Sydney Children’s Hospital

Residents in the greater Hornsby region are amongst the most generous in the state for Cole’s appeal to support the Sydney Children’s Hospital in partnership with the Curing Homesickness Foundation. Shoppers in the greater Hornsby area, raised over $27,800 to help the Sydney Children’s Hospital, by purchasing $2 donation cards at Coles stores, contributing to a NSW state total of almost $310,000 in just two weeks. Hornsby raised over $10,000 in two weeks. Curing Homesickness is a national initiative which brings children’s hospital foundations and paediatric services from across Australia together to get sick kids home from hospital sooner...

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Budget Deficit News

Australians are receiving news that the country is set to experience the worst budget deficit since World War II, a fact that most likely does not come as a shock to many given the current circumstance. The pandemic has wreaked economic havoc across the globe, and unfortunately Australia has not been spared. News came recently that JobSeeker, JobKeeper and Coronavirus Supplement payments would extend further into 2021 at a lesser rate, therefore certifying economic stability for many. The Finance Minister announced today that the Government has thus far provided economic support for workers, households and businesses of approximately $289...

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Disabled, Not Different

Tayla Foster It goes without saying, to work with people who have suffered through medical anomalies and tragic accidents, means to put the needs of a patient before one’s own and to be the one to acknowledge their feelings, their fears and their desired wishes. To care for another individual means to treat them with the same kindness and respect any individual would like to be treated with, it means to never complain for any request however big or small, and it means to look beyond the disability and see the patient for the person they are. In cases...

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Breaking the Boredom

Tayla Foster Breaking the Boredom School holidays are often yearned for by desperate and exhausted students. The feeling of being overworked and in dire need of some well-deserved TLC is on the minds of all students. Now, let’s turn the tables – the school holidays are the dreaded fortnight that feels like 8 months for parents stuck with their little angels in an enclosed inescapable space. Break the unrolling tension in your household this school holidays by enjoying fun family friendly activities that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Finding Dory Search for as many little Nemos and...

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