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How to Help Indigenous and Black Communities

Johanna Rumphorst The death of George Floyd has sent waves of anger and outrage across the globe, with protests taking place across America, Europe and Australia. Thousands of Australians attended the Black Lives Matter protests in Sydney last Saturday, demanding to put an end to Indigenous deaths in police custody. Many have shown their support and solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement on social media, questioning how we can take positive action to end racism in our communities. Donating to relevant charities or signing petitions is fantastic, but the most important part is to take time to read,...

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Animal Antics at Taronga Zoo

Nicholas Grant Amid the lockdown, our animal companions at Taronga Zoo have also been experiencing changes. Despite a lack of visitors, life at the zoo has continued over the last few months, and exciting events have been occurring at both Taronga Zoo Sydney and Dubbo. 24/7 livestreams have been providing daily entertainment, showing animals including otters, elephants, tigers, meerkats and capybaras. Taronga’s iconic seal and bird shows have also been uploaded online for viewing at your leisure. Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo welcomed the birth of a baby hippo on April 15. “The calf is doing really well...

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Eased Restrictions Raising Caution

Dipti Singh Brad Hazzard, NSW Health Minister, has said it is crucial to continue high testing levels, especially as restaurants and bars open their doors to more patrons as the state eases COVID-19 restrictions. Two out of five recently confirmed cases in NSW were people within the age bracket of 20-29. As pubs and restaurants reopen, this could be a significant threat to community transmission. In NSW, an alert has been issued to young people as the state prepares to alleviate more restrictions on COVID-19. The Health Minister also emphasised the need for younger people to take responsibility when...

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NSW Liquor Law Reforms

Nicholas Grant NSW State Government has announced their proposal to introduce a new range of laws and regulations later this year, which will greatly affect bars, clubs, hotels, and other venues. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 70% of businesses in the hospitality sector have had to reduce staff hours as a result of COVID-19. Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello stated that the proposed law reforms will hope to streamline the process for businesses to recover after months of devastating losses. “We want pubs, bars and hotels to hit the ground running on the other side.” Currently, licensed...

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Local Story from the Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards

Isabella Ross The 2020 Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards is set to return this year to celebrate rescue groups and animal shelters in their efforts in saving companion animals. Sydney Observer loves an inspiring local rescue story, and we are sure our readers will too. North Shore local Chuan Ng and his deaf rescue dog Sasha were last year’s Advocate People’s Rescue Story finalist. Chuan, who works for the Federal Court of Australia, is a volunteer for the Animal Welfare League NSW, where he met ‘Sashabear’ a few years prior. Unfortunately for Sasha, she had been severely neglected by previous owners...

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