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Know My Name: Celebrating Aussie Female Artists 1900 to Now

Sara Zarriello The second part of Know My Name: Australian Women Artists 1900 to Now exhibition is currently being shown at the National Gallery of Art (NGA). It has showcased the work of more than 150 artists to “highlight the stories and achievements of all women artists.” The collection was spurred on by the release of Chanel Miller’s testimony during the sexual assault trial of her perpetrator. Her book titled Know My Name sparked a worldwide movement and reflection on the effects of sexual assault and the impact of women speaking out about their experiences. Know My Name attempts...

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Ways to Show your Support this R U OK?DAY

Courtesy of R U OK?DAY R U OK?DAY is designed to encourage us to connect with others, seek help ourselves if needed and foster a space of acceptance, awareness and kindness when it comes to conversations around mental health. Lockdown has been particularly tough for us Sydneysiders, so there is every chance that someone you know might be struggling – your genuine support can make a major difference. Here are some COVID-safe ways to help show your support today and into the future: Walk and talk Where exercise is permitted, use the opportunity to go for a walk with...

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Workplace Wellbeing Defined

Isabella Ross It’s safe to say that for many of us, work takes up a major portion of our lives. With conversations around working from home being integrated into our future post-COVID lives, as well as the four-day working week, it is high time that we also chat about workplace wellbeing. “To some, work is simply a job, but to many more it’s a lifeline to social interaction, purpose and a place of belonging,” notes McCrindle Research. Furthermore, McCrindle Research shows that wellbeing is a key priority now among workers, with 83% saying it is up to the employer...

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Updated COVID Restrictions – all you need to know

Madeleine Taplin The entire state of NSW is in a state of emergency. With COVID-19 case numbers skyrocketing over the past four days, the NSW Government has introduced the “harshest restrictions Australia has ever seen” according to Premier Gladys Berejiklian, with more than eight million people subjected to stay-at-home orders. So, what are the new restrictions, and what do they mean for Upper and Lower North Shore citizens? Stay-at-home orders: Citizens must stay at home and are only permitted to leave for four specific essential reasons. These are shopping for food or other essential goods and services, medical care...

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Keep busy this lockdown with these local competitions

Madeleine Taplin What better way to keep busy this lockdown than trying your hand at something new? Luckily for you, there are plenty of local competitions up and running to get you motivated. Not only are they fun initiatives to get involved in, but the added bonus of receiving a prize definitely makes this an activity all the more exciting! Lane Cove Literary Awards: Fancy yourself a bit of writing? Look no further than the Lane Cove Literary Awards, one of the most prestigious national writing competitions. Organised by Lane Cove Council, the awards recognise writing excellence and aims...

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