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Cash in Your Expired Gift Cards: NSW Fair Trading

Alex Dalland As part of the Fair Trading Week campaign beginning this Monday, Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Victor Dominello is encouraging anyone with an expired gift card to “try their luck” at redeeming it, in the hope that NSW consumers might have some success. “Consumers often fail to redeem their gift cards and those who try to use them after the expiry date, do so with mixed success,” Mr Dominello said in a recent statement to media. “Fair Trading’s experience is that many retailers are prepared to extend the expiry date of cards when requested and we...

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The End of Paid Parental Leave

Stephanie Stefanovic investigates the many different reactions to the Prime Minister’s controversial end to the Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme. In his much-anticipated National Press Club address last week, Tony Abbott announced his decision to abandon his “signature” paid parental leave policy. The policy was dumped in favour of a new and improved childcare and families policy, which will see childcare become more affordable and ease the pressure on the family budget, according to Abbott. The Australian Labor Party however, sees the announcement merely as an attempt by Abbott to salvage his prime ministership. Prime Minister Abbott has gone...

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