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Antonia Mangos Gender equality in the Australian workforce has become a central issue in recent years, with concerns such as the pay gap and gendered representation being key areas of discussion. This issue has caught the attention of the nation as there appears to be a progression of female empowerment in the Australian workforce. In light of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, the NSW Government released data detailing the progression of women in the workforce from 1973 to 2017. Such data reveals the increase in representation for women in a number of industries, including a 28.6 per...

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The Basics of Buying Your First House

Natalie Di Paola Buying your first house can be quite intimidating, with many not knowing where to start or what might be involved in the process. The first and most important step is to be prepared financially. Your budget will help you decide what you can and cannot afford. Also, having a deposit saved will not only help your credit worthiness, but also speed along the buying process. David Woods from LJ Hooker, Roseville used to be a broker and says that the first thing he would look at was whether the buyer had a deposit or not. “If...

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Gender Gap In Superannuation

Tina Wu The gender pay gap in superannuation may be another symptom of the overarching issue of gender inequality in the workforce and society failing to accommodate women who choose to have children. This issue is highlighted clearly with statistics revealing that the average super balance for women being $150,000 less than the average for men. “Several factors are contributing to women’s lower super balances,” says Dr Martin Fahy, CEO of the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia. “Women take time out of the paid workforce to have children and are more likely to care for family members. “They...

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CRYPTIC CURRENCY NOT SO CRYPTIC Luka Osborne You might have heard of Bitcoin, the Internet based currency making recent waves, however there are numerous types of cryptocurrencies that as a whole have recently gained huge amounts of recent popularity. Cryptocurrencies operate from a decentralised digital ledger called a Blockchain. The blockchain facilitates online transactions by placing records across numerous computers through a peer-to-peer network system without a centralised server. Each transaction made is recorded as a ‘block’ and contains a timestamp to a previous block. The blanket network as a whole forms the Blockchain and enables records to be...

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The Elusive Work-Life Balance

THE ELUSIVE WORK-LIFE BALANCE Aashray Narula In an increasingly mobile and fast moving world, as individuals rapidly embrace the advances of technology within their daily lives, work-life balance has become a highly subjective concept. Certainly the importance of work-life balance is ever prevalent. The ability to prioritise one’s health and wellbeing and maintain a balanced lifestyle, whilst sustaining a living through work has become a necessity. Does that mean one way of achieving work-life balance is better than another? No. Each individual will have a different understanding of what entails a balanced lifestyle through a difference in priorities and goals....

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