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Optimism and how to have a little more

Sarah Wainwright One of my favourite and most compelling branches of psychology is Positive Psychology. I had the privilege of attending a lecture by one of the founders, Professor Martin Seligman, at Ravenswood School for Girls. Some of the scientific research undertaken by Professor Seligman includes optimism, and more specifically, Learned Optimism. Optimism is an attitude, a belief that the outcomes of events or experiences will generally be positive. Optimistic attitudes are linked to a number of benefits, including better coping skills, lower stress levels, better health and greater persistence when pursuing goals. Learned Optimism explains that we can...

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The Pleasures of Fishing: Local Spots and More

Matthew Wai Fishing is an activity ideal to not only calm your mind or slow down the rapid lifestyle you already have but can also be full of accomplishments and fulfilments! Benefits of Fishing: Fishing as an outdoor activity that could consist of multiple advantages and benefits for any individual. One of the greatest benefits to the mind would be increasing your concentration. As being busy and occupied individuals, we are incredibly prone to focusing and concentrating due to multitasking override. Fishing however, could assist us by allowing us to observe and feel the environment and nature with silence....

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Valentine’s Day with Eden Gardens

It’s time to bring the love! Our new #valentines2021 collection is now in store at Eden Gardens. There are green gifts a plenty from lush plant & basket combos (save 30%), plant-hampers along with new LOVE-ly skincare and homewares.Pink and minty hues are so dreamy and can be found in our new pots. The world’s most on trend plant, and our best seller the MONSTERA is fully stocked and available at 25% off. Our handmade KOKEDAMAS make the best Valentine’s gift and you can get 2 small for $40 (one for you and one for a friend). Limited edition...

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Myth or Truth? 3 Health Folklores Debunked

Isabella Ross When it comes to health and wellbeing, it is hard to know what is trustworthy and what is just an urban myth. For centuries we have taken every little piece of information to heart instead of face value, leading to perpetual falsities. Tanning Beds are Safer than Tanning out in the Sun: MYTH A dangerous myth, tanning beds can also be incredibly harmful to the skin, just like spending considerable amounts of time in the outdoor sun without protection. Using tanning beds can also significantly increase a person’s chance of developing melanoma, otherwise known as the deadliest...

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The Link Between Art and Wellness

Isabella Ross Particularly brilliant for creative-minded people, the act of producing and creating art is really beneficial for the soul. Studies have actually shown that there is a strong link between making art and the benefit it can have on your mindset. According to Harvard Health Publishing, a product of Harvard Medical School, there is a significant amount of scientific and psychological research suggesting the link between art and wellness. “The beneficial effects of creating aren’t dependent on a person’s skill or talents,” is noted by Harvard, highlighting that it is the process not the product. Whether it is...

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