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Damien Leith: tribute to an idol

Hope William-Smith Damien Leith rose to sudden fame after winning the fourth season of Australian Idol with a sincere and powerful rendition of Ben Harper’s classic, ‘Waiting on an Angel’. Now, almost a decade on, Leith is touring the country with a tribute show to American country and rockabilly star Roy Orbison. Titled ‘Roy – A Tribute to Roy Orbison’, it is a reprisal of the Irish-born musician’s 2011 show that earned him an ARIA. With a diverse ability across a range of music styles, Leith has a strong affinity with the unique and signature style of Roy Orbison’s...

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Sex and the city: Inner Sydney a cheating hotspot

The Sydney CBD is the city’s most popular area to have an affair, according to website Ashley Madison. Alex Dalland reports. Sydney City topped the recently released list of ‘Cheating Hotspots’, as the location of over 10% of the website’s clients.  In the North Shore, North Sydney ranked at number 6 on the list with 7.8% of Sydney’s user share. East Killara also ranked at number 9, with 6.2% of greater Sydney’s users coming from the suburb. Over 1 million Australians are using the website, with over 270,000 members coming from greater Sydney. Clients of the dating site –...

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Mobile messaging apps offer instant communication

Connect with family and friends and save on SMS charges with a mobile messaging app Rodney Gedda   Mobile messaging apps offer a quick and easy way to keep in touch with people regardless of their location. In this month’s technology section, we take a look at five popular mobile messaging apps allowing you to choose which one best suits your device and network of connections. The appeal of so-called “over the top”, or OTT apps is immediate – by using the data network you don’t have to pay SMS charges – but messaging apps also offer surprising new...

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Tara Dennis’ DIY special: Bling in the changes

Tara Dennis creates a DIY project for Sydney Observer that shows how to turn trash into treasure There’s probably at tonne of stuff at your place that gets overlooked, or thrown out, simply because you don’t like the colour or design. Vases, ornaments, lamps – and even frames – all can be given new life simply with a can of spray paint. Fabulous new accessories for your home needn’t cost the earth – I’m all about working with what you already have. Objects to look for: Shape is important; ignore the existing colour or pattern of the item. Re-working...

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Mobile Tapestry gets seniors connected

New mobile apps help seniors connect like never before   Kieran Gair While the days of rifling through address books and fiddling with dial-up internet connections are long gone, staying in touch with family and friends can still be a challenge, especially for older Australians who may not be as tech-savvy as the rest of the family. However a new mobile app, called Tapestry, is an easy way for seniors and their families to stay connected across multiple generations. The app gives seniors access to their email, family photos and Facebook account. Users can also get access to popular social media networks like Instagram and Google+ by tapping the Tapestry icon on their iPhone, Android hanset or tablet. Founder Andrew Dowling has made the app available to all after first trialling it with seniors last year. “Tapestry is about integrating all technologies for users in the one place,” Dowling says.   Tapestry’s private social network is designed specifically for seniors and their families. It works by one family member opening a family account and inviting other members to join the group. Family members can start adding photos to the page that everyone in the group can look at and interact with. The app is designed to make interaction between family members easy and Dowling says even his grandmother is a fan of the app. “Her room is smaller than...

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