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Power of Positivity: Simple Tricks

Tayla Foster The powers of positive living is a concept that appears far-fetched to a person down on their luck. The very idea of positive living appears too far out of reach with a hopeless sense of never knowing where to begin, or the crowd favourite, “I’ll start tomorrow.” Start living a life filled with energy that will excite you to wake up and live your best life day in, day out. 8 Hours: As we grow older, the concept of sleeping for a total of 8 hours fades out further and further away until all it becomes is...

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Get Back into The Groove

Tayla Foster Are you feeling sluggish and slow this winter? Are you beginning to not recognise yourself in the mirror? You are one of what feels like a thousand Australians wanting to get that summer body happening early this year. Trim down those insecurities by joining fun and active lifestyle programs and activities that will allow you to enjoy movement again and do it confidently. Dancing – Want to centre your mind and live out your childhood Nikki Webster fantasy? Join in on an adult jazz, hip hop, or if you’re feeling adventurous, cheerleading class. Dance away the body...

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The Danger with Lunchtime Cocktails

Tayla Foster Let’s face the cold hard truth – we have all reached that point in the day, where 5pm is still sorely out of reach, the constant cycle of floating numbers and emails. The bland office humour has you yearning for any source of relief, the idea of something. Suddenly your heart begins to lift when your co-workers suggest the local pub or bar for lunch. With a swift close of the computer and swipe of the handbag, you’re off. Whilst you scale through the drink’s menu past the sauvignon blanc, spirits and selection of beers, your eyes...

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Indulge in Mindfulness with Yoga

Dipti Singh Yoga has become a way of thinking, a lifestyle, a path of getting inner peace and balance. It is not just about exercise but also of discovering a sense of unity with the self, the world and nature. Yoga can increase wellbeing by changing our habits and building consciousness. International Yoga Day is an event designed to raise awareness about the mental and physical health benefits and spreading happiness globally. The United Nations declared June 21 to be International Yoga Day. Since then yoga communities around the globe are using this opportunity to host special events and...

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Simple Sustainable Switches

Nicholas Grant It is impossible to count the number of different brands on the shelves when grocery shopping and researching the pros and cons of each warrants an arduous and time-consuming chore. In recent years, sustainability has become a key area of interest for shoppers, with an Accenture survey finding that nearly three-quarters of consumers purchase more environmentally-products than they did five years ago. Biodegradable Coffee Pods Regular espresso capsules are made from plastic and aluminium, which means that they can take up to 500 years to break down in landfill. In response to this concerning fact, several companies...

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