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Perfect Plants for Shade

Brian Roach One of the great challenges for suburban gardening is finding plants that are happy in the shade. Many local gardens are in the shadows of our majestic gums, creating problems not only because of reduced sunlight but also with the root systems of large trees robbing the soil of moisture. Contrary to popular belief, there are many native plants that do well in shady spots, ranging from groundcovers to large shrubs and trees. A particularly good groundcover for these conditions is the prostrate form of Goodenia ovata. This plant is endemic to our local, coastal region and...

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Trending Bathroom Designs

Nishthaa Verma Just like any other area of the house, the bathroom is a very important design statement. Not only is it ideal to keep clean and tidy, but you can also try to add some life and personality through decorating it however you want. Below are some tips which can help you design your bathroom, based on what is currently trending. Be Bold with your Vanity: A vanity is one of the big ticket items in the space, not to mention a really stylish piece of bathroom furniture. These days, there are lots of options for people who...

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Great Bush Tucker

Brian Roach It’s a wonderful thing that over the past decade or so, those of us from non-Indigenous backgrounds have become increasingly aware of the enormous wealth of knowledge possessed by the traditional guardians of our paradise on the planet. Recent catastrophic events have forced a rethink on how we manage the land in various respects, and this has obviously involved an increasing input by the First Nations People. There’s a wealth of great bush tucker but one of my favourites is a wonderful, low-growing plant that produces scrumptious berries around January/February. Its common name has a few variations,...

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Hit the Refresh Button in the Home

Isabella Ross With the New Year comes the time to refresh your interior – out with the old and in with the new! Refreshing your design and décor can always feel like a bit of a challenge and definitely overwhelming. But not to fear, because all it takes are simple strategies that can make a great difference. Whether it is colour, textiles or standout furniture pieces, there is something to suit every budget. Let Artwork Inspire Art is a very personal expression of taste and creativity. Everyone likes different art pieces, whether it is Indigenous dot paintings, traditional scenic...

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Curves and Arches – How to Incorporate into your Interior Design

Isabella Ross Geometric shapes can really add personality to a space, not to mention a significant amount of architectural flair. As of late, contemporary design has been characterised heavily by straight, clean, crisp lines. This ‘boxy’ ‘rigid’ structure can often be a little clinical when put into action. Perhaps this is why we are all now crazy about the curves! History Embracing Curves: Just like our bodies, architectural curves have also boomed in popularity, with more emphasis now on shape and arches rather than the contrasting. The shape of the arch itself is actually steeped in history, used throughout...

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