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Brian Roach Once widely known as ‘Wallum’ prior to European settlement, our magnificent banksias range across this vast land of ours. The genus contains around 75 different species and is part of the Proteaceae family which includes grevilleas and waratahs. Many of our striking banksias come from the west, but we do have some really great ones on the eastern side of the country. Undoubtedly the best known of our eastern banksias owes its notoriety to the story by May Gibbs about the Big Bad Banksia Man, Banksia serrata. I still remember being a bit frightened as a kid...

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Creating the Heart of the Home: Kitchen Design

Madeleine Taplin There is no question that the importance of the kitchen is heads above everything else in the home. Without a kitchen that functions well, it can be really difficult to spend any amount of time in the space, let alone be able to produce something the whole family can enjoy. The kitchen needs to both work hard and look good, and with so many varying design ideas on the market, it can be overwhelming to consider. Luckily for you, we have all the design tips you need to make this space into a relaxed, well-flowing and practical...

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Luxury Trends with Aussie Label ‘Design Edit’

Isabella Ross Many can be left feeling overwhelmed by the plethora and variety of design elements and crazes. So, Sydney Observer sat down exclusively with the fabulous Australian Homewares label Design Edit to discuss all the interior design trends you should embrace. Matt Black Touches: The best part about this trendy tone is that you can incorporate matte black throughout the household for cohesion. Exteriors, tapware, lamps, homewares, appliances and lighting fixtures are just some examples. “Nothing beats the sophistication, drama and trendy style of matte black, and you’ll be seeing it pop up everywhere. It’s versatile, timeless and...

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North Shore Home Inspiration: Rose Seidler House

Isabella Ross There is an undeniable charm about heritage-listed buildings – they represent a preservation of architectural talent from bygone eras. For some design inspiration, we have profiled one of our favourite architectural gems on the North Shore. ROSE SEIDLER HOUSE Built in 1950, Rose Seidler House is a powerhouse example of Mid-20th Century modern domestic architecture nationwide. During its time, the property was ‘the most talked-about house in Sydney’, due to its polarizing design features, flipping the traditional conventions of the typical suburban home on its head. A win for Sydneysiders, this estate can be visited as it...

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Refreshing the Sitting Room

Madeleine Taplin As we come into autumn, it is the perfect time to refresh your living spaces, particularly the sitting room! One of the most important rooms, the sitting room sets a tone for the home, and plays a large role in entertaining guests, as well as functioning as a relaxation zone for the family. Whether you plan on doing a few touch-ups, creating a new vibe, or perhaps a complete re-do, there are many things for you to consider in order to make that room shine! Inviting furniture: A key aspect of the sitting room is the functionality...

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