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Wonderful Wattles

Just what would we do without our wonderful wattles? The drive along the M1 in late winter or early spring simply wouldn’t be the same. But sadly, even the more experienced gardeners tend to shy away from putting a wattle in the garden. There are three very questionable myths behind that reluctance. They get too big, they’re short-lived and they aggravate asthma. But there are some fantastic smaller wattles. Their life span can be greatly extended by judicious pruning and while wattles often get the blame, the inland grasses are seeding around the same time as many wattles are...

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Master Decor for a Master Bedroom

Tayla Foster Do you want to master the decor of the best room in your home? Perhaps implement Feng Shui in the room to suit the aesthetic you and your partner are yearning for? But how do you forge two ideas into one pleasing neutral tone that suits two different people? Through the art of master decorating! Let’s Get Colourful Setting a tone for one’s master bedroom starts with a simple colour palette. Pick a colour that speaks to your taste. White’s and pastel colours are perfect for those seeking a sense of sophistication to be brought to their...

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Creatively Clever Children’s Bedroom

Isabella Ross Cosmically Creative Night-lights: For lots of youngsters, the idea of turning off all the lights and venturing into complete darkness can be a little daunting. Night-lights have become a staple in most kid’s bedrooms of the decades, thanks to their ability to provide a sense of comfort. Lights4Fun has a broad range of imaginative solar system lights! photograph credit: Lights4fun Wall Stickers: Kids are constantly changing their mind when it comes to their favourite food and toys – so why would interior design be any different! Painting an entire room a bold colour can be tedious, especially...

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Dwarf NSW Christmas Bush

Perhaps one of the more iconic Australian native plants, at least on the Australia’s East Coast, is the NSW Christmas Bush, Ceratopetalum gummiferum. Few things are more synonymous with the festive season than sprays of the bright red foliage of this wonderful plant. Yes, it is the foliage of the plant that provides the red colour. After the white or cream flowers begin to fall away around the end of October, it’s the calyx or leaves at the base of each flower that turn a bright red. I dare say Europeans have been adorning the Christmas Day table with...

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Nature-inspired Design Trends

Eliza Cusack Picture rustic design themes, green floral arrangements and modern wooden panelling. Bringing nature into your home to create that serene outdoor feeling is one of the most beautiful on trend home-decor movements. There are dozens of options to create a space where you feel more connected to the outside world. Extensive research has shown how being in nature can have a significantly positive impact on relieving stress, and that same can be said for your home. Blurring the lines between nature and your own space can allow you to create a peaceful sanctuary that can positively affect...

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