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Bringing outside indoors

Decorating your house for spring with indoor greenery Tess Gibney Breathing life into your home by way of indoor plants instantly reflects the vitality of spring – as the sun seems to shine a little higher and a little brighter in the sky, a clean spring interior is always best accompanied by the introduction of indoor greenery. Expensive (albeit colourful) bouquets aside, no-fuss indoor plants are an excellent choice, requiring minimal attention and infrequent watering. Hanging potted plants in particular have made a comeback in recent years – having been featured heavily in international design fairs – and are...

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Small spaces, big ideas

Summer is the optimal time for growing your own fresh, organic produce. Tess Gibney & Adele Palfreeman Unfortunately, many people see this as unfeasible due to space restrictions – whether they live in a rental house with little outdoor space or a high-rise apartment with a poky balcony. Though it can be hard to have the vegetable patch or herb garden of your dreams where space and fertile soil is limited, there’s no reason to rule it out altogether. Pete Bachak, of Landart Landscapes, shows us how to create big ideas for our small spaces. What are some of...

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The Many Attributes Of Cycads

Cycads, listed as the most endangered plants and most likely victims of a mass extinction being caused by humans, are actually relatively easy to grow. Karla Davies Some of the easiest cycads to grow at home include Cycas revoluta, Leipidozamia peroffskyana (the pineapple Zamia), both of which are readily available from plant nurseries. You could also try Bowenia spectabilis, a native species that prefers moist, well-drained and shady conditions. Anytime is the best time of the year to plant cycads, except in the middle of summer and the middle of winter, when it is either too hot or too...

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Top tips to add a DIY touch to your garden wedding

Perhaps one of the most (if not THE most) important party you’ll ever have the pleasure of throwing in your life, a wedding is a profoundly intimate occasion.Tess Gibney & Hannah Brissenden As a reflection of the life you and your partner intend to build together, it’s no wonder there’s been resurgence in the popularity of the humble DIY (Do It Yourself) wedding in recent years. Spring especially provides the perfect backdrop for a low-key, garden wedding with a homemade twist: think longer nights, blooming flowers and balmy air. 1. Floral drinks So you’re going to throw a spring...

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Gardening with spring in your step

As the warmer seasons approach, there’s no better place to be than in the garden. Judy Horton, garden adviser for Yates, has some tips to help you get your garden ready for spring. Judy Horton It’s amazing how even non-gardeners seem to feel a stirring in their gardening bones as spring approaches. Some sort of primeval urge, sparked by the burst of new growth and the lengthening days, sends us all out into the garden. For many, getting the lawn looking good is their first priority. Never forget that a lawn is made up of thousands of living plants...

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