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Expert Gardening Advice: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Brian Roach Have you ever wondered why our local bushland does not significantly suffer during extreme weather conditions? In the past, we have had virtually no rain and some very hot days and yet the trees and shrubs in the bush didn’t seem to care. All the while, many of the plants in our gardens just turned up their toes. In the main, it’s all about roots. I’m fortunate to have a nice boat and I spend quite a bit of time in Cowan Creek and Broken Bay. I never tire of looking at the landscape surrounding this wonderful...

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Trending Winter Warmer Interiors

Isabella Ross Warmth from Art: Being bold and fun is great when it comes to styling your interior this winter. Especially amid COVID-10 restrictions, our homes have become our everyday reality, so it’s high time we add warmth and character to them. An easy way to do this is always through art – sourcing pieces that can complement a room and be the perfect focal point. There’s now a very simple and affordable way to add colour and style to your home, thanks to Melbourne entrepreneur Simone Kelly and her online business Gussy Dup. The business provides colourful and...

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The Very Latest in Home Entertainment & Technology

Len Wallis Audio, Australian leader in audio, video and home theatre systems The way we access, listen and watch music and video continues to evolve at a rapid pace. In fact, almost everything we would like to listen to or watch is available via the internet. We are witnessing an era where material is less likely to be made available on physical media. The upside of this is that you now have access to an almost unlimited amount of high quality content that is easy controlled, and with proper planning, available throughout your home. Many recording artists for example...

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Styling the Area of Slumber: Bedroom Design

Madeleine Taplin The bedroom is the space in which we as individuals can truly express ourselves to our fullest. Whether it be through wall paint, wall fixtures, lighting or a selection of trinkets, the bedroom is our personal sanctuary. However, the most important part of the bedroom is of course the bed! Sometimes, beds can become dour and drab, blending into basicness rather than shining with personality, or matching the room décor. It’s time to give your bed a little makeover to ensure it perfectly fits your vision for the room.   The Bed: Of course, the most important...

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All you need to know about Indoor Air Plants

Isabella Ross It sounds too good to be true – an air plant, not requiring much attention yet still looks lovely and lush. But it is a botanical dream that is a reality as well. Terrarium Since air plants don’t need soil to grow, there is no need to put soil in the bottom of your terrarium. Instead, you can consider coarse sand, small rocks, shells, bark – you name it. Having little moisture in your base is key – that is why soil isn’t a good idea, so be sure that whatever you put in the base is...

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