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Amazing Greys

Over the last two months the focus has been on native plants that are particularly adapted to drought or hot, dry conditions. Various Grevilleas and then Eremophilas have been recommended in this regard. But there is another group that copes with these conditions – not a genus but a colour. By and large, grey-foliaged plants have a wonderful capacity to reflect the sun’s heat and to really bask in it! Chrysocephalum apiculatum grey formHomoranthus prolixusMaireana oppositifolia Some years ago, my wife Carol and I drove over to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia via Western NSW. Much of the...

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Clear Wash for the Lower North Shore

Since the majority are finding comfort and safety in their home during this time of social distancing, now is the perfect time to ensure a clean, fresh and reenergised home for you and your family. This is where Clear Wash comes in – they are an established family business with over 10 years’ experience servicing clients on the Lower North Shore. They specialise in soft house washing, windows cleaning (up to 5 storeys high), pressure cleaning, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, tile/grout cleaning and carpet & upholstery cleaning. Everyone takes pride in the appearance of their home, so be sure to...

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Rustic Bathrooms Designs

Tayla Foster Everyone wants a sumptuous rustic Tuscan-style bathroom haven, paved with extraordinary features of natural woods and earthy textures. Luxurious design speaks for itself, when justifying why the most relaxing room in the house is the bathroom. In keeping with the latest luxury decor designs, immerse yourself in a Tuscan dream that is rustic bathroom design. Mixture of Materials This contemporary design fixates upon the mixture of infusing modern materials with barren wood textures. Caesar Stone bench tops layered over the rough-hewn wood beams, cabinetry and wall panelling gives a sense of a woodland adventure in the comfort...

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Ways to make your home chic again – with kids around

Johanna Rumphorst It isn’t always easy to keep the house clean and tidy, especially if you have children. The lockdown and social distancing measures has resulted in many parents home schooling their children all while also being in home office themselves. That can put a strain on the peace of many households and a messy house won’t help to lift the mood. With schools and day care facilities opening again, it is a good opportunity to organize your home and add calming elements to feel comfortable and ease the stress – for both you and your children. Step 1:...

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Ambience in the Home

Isabella Ross With winter about to greet us with its chilly temperatures, now is the time to consider the ways in which you can maintain a cosy and inviting ambience in your home. Fyrian Candles A great local Sydney brand, Fyrian Candles is one of perfect ways to create a cosy ambience in your home. Founded by Dan Stephenson, the candles are interestingly targeted towards men. The scents ooze masculinity, with some of Sydney Observer’s favourites including the Black Leather Candle and Single Malt Candle. “I recognised that there wasn’t a high-quality range of candles available for men. Yet...

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