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Spring Fling Colour Combos

Madeleine Taplin  Spring is officially here, so it’s time to start giving your house a fresh new look! What better way to create a different vibe than to dabble in some new colour choices? The colour palette is one of the most important design decisions you will need to make when decorating a home. Whether it’s paint, fabrics, or finishes, colour has a massive effect on how your home looks and feels. Luckily for you, we have all the pointers you need to get you started on creating a fun, spring colour palette for your home, as well as...

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How to Design a Feature Bathroom

Sydney Observer Contributor There is no question that a good bathroom renovation can transform a dated old space into a showstopper. Revamping your bathroom can add tremendous value to your home, as it is one of the principle rooms that homebuyers expect to be modern and stylish. Yet when it comes to design it can be quite challenging to reflect a style that will suit the tastes of any future owners and remain contemporary over the course of time. Ray White Double Bay sales agent Evan Williams spoke with Sydney Observer to offer first-hand advice regarding what homebuyers are...

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2021 Sydney Spring Garden Competition

There are some pretty spectacular gardens around the local area, perfectly manicured with time, consideration and passion at the heart. For those who pride themselves on their immaculate residential gardens, it’s worth considering entering the 2021 Sydney Spring Garden Competition! Free to enter, entries are open for the competition until 13th October, meaning you still have plenty of time to get your front yard into tip top shape. Sydney Spring Garden Competition judge, Cecily Rogers OAM notes how the gardens are assessed, highlighting the core purpose is for gardens to beautify streets – the simple pleasure of sharing a...

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Australian Natives: Pea Flowers, Perfect for Spring

Brian Roach If ever there was a common name for a native plant that simply rolls a multitude of species into the one name, it must be ‘Eggs & Bacon.’ I’m sure it had its origin in seeking to describe a plant with pea-like flowers that were yellow and orange. There are many of them and most are in the family Fabaceae and they’re not all yellow and orange. Just about all members of this very large group are legumes and so yes, they are pea flowers! One of my favourite native plants is the West Australian Flame Pea,...

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Revamping the Home Office

Sara Zarriello Establishing a traditional focal point within a space is difficult. It can get overwhelming choosing the right complementary colour palette and the perfect framing interiors. Turning a functional home office into one that is nuanced by design and comfort could be the perfect way to ensure you feel engaged and inspired within your workspace.    Location A home office needs to be both functional and warm whilst still reflecting your personality. Choosing a space you think will enhance these aspects in your home is key. Pro tip: Pick a space which you feel congenial in but not...

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