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Dwarf NSW Christmas Bush

Perhaps one of the more iconic Australian native plants, at least on the Australia’s East Coast, is the NSW Christmas Bush, Ceratopetalum gummiferum. Few things are more synonymous with the festive season than sprays of the bright red foliage of this wonderful plant. Yes, it is the foliage of the plant that provides the red colour. After the white or cream flowers begin to fall away around the end of October, it’s the calyx or leaves at the base of each flower that turn a bright red. I dare say Europeans have been adorning the Christmas Day table with...

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Nature-inspired Design Trends

Eliza Cusack Picture rustic design themes, green floral arrangements and modern wooden panelling. Bringing nature into your home to create that serene outdoor feeling is one of the most beautiful on trend home-decor movements. There are dozens of options to create a space where you feel more connected to the outside world. Extensive research has shown how being in nature can have a significantly positive impact on relieving stress, and that same can be said for your home. Blurring the lines between nature and your own space can allow you to create a peaceful sanctuary that can positively affect...

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Veggie Gardens for Beginners

Eliza Cusack All of this extra free time at home allows for some DIY projects around the house, including that veggie garden you have always wanted. Starting your own vegetable patch may be easier than you think and doesn’t have to be time-consuming and tedious. The first step will be to choose an ideal location for your garden bed. Vegetables usually need about six to eight hours of sunlight a day, so make sure to choose a spot with this in mind. It is important to choose a location that is slightly elevated, avoiding an area that could become...

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Create a Five-Star Guest Bedroom

Isabella Ross Do you want to Airbnb your room? Are you interested in impressing the in-laws? Or do you have international friends coming to stay? Whoever the visitors are, a beautiful guest bedroom is an essential to ensure a joyful experience is attained. When it comes to designing any room within the household, there are numerous details that can elevate a space from sufficient to spectacular. So to create a comfortable and inviting ambience for your future guests, let the following guidelines inspire you.  Cosy and Comfy: Plush furnishings, soft throw rugs, and clean bedding. These bedroom linens are...

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Find the Brightness in your Home Office

Johanna Rumphorst We all know the feeling of hearing our alarm clock at 6:30am. The ominous ringing crashes into a headache before your eyes are even open. The headache is worsened by rushing to get clothes on, a hastily dispatched breakfast and a sprint to the train or tram. The craziness of a pre-lockdown morning is something we do not miss. Then COVID-19 came.  After a long day of work at the computer, instant messages with colleagues instead of meetings and a one-hour commute back home, we were wondering: why not work from home? Our longing for more home...

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