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Fun Interior Trends this Season

Eliza Cusack With warmer days quickly approaching, now is a great time to incorporate some interior design trends that can create that effortless summer vibe in your home.  Bring the Outdoors in: Bringing a variety of indoor plants into your home can really help to improve the mood and feel of a room. Try Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, String of Hearts or Monstera Deliciosa as these plants are great for surviving indoor conditions. These larger plans are best for the corners of rooms, whereas smaller plants and flowers look great on coffee tables and even windowsills. Pops of Colour: Colour doesn’t...

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The Best Indoor House Plants

Eliza Cusack Studies have shown that indoor plants can increase mood, productivity and concentration as well as reduce stress and tiredness. Indoor plants can also improve the air quality within your home by absorbing toxins, boosting humidity and also producing oxygen. It can be difficult however, to know which types of plants can survive indoor conditions and how to properly take care of them. Here are three of the some of the best indoor plants that will thrive in your home.  Devil’s Ivy Devil’s Ivy is an excellent fast-growing vine that can thrive in any area of the house....

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The best flowering plants for summer

Eliza Cusack With scorching summer days quickly approaching, it is important to understand what types of flowers can survive our harsh conditions. The key to selecting the right variety is to look for plants that have the ability to withstand the hot sun, without withering away. This is why native Australian plants are an excellent choice. These plants are drought-resistant and are used to harsh temperatures. Native plants also help to attract birds and bees to your garden. Here are the top 3 plants to let flourish in your garden this summer.  Kangaroo Paw Kangaroo Paw is a native...

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Fabulous Flannel Flowers

A truly iconic native plant in its area of natural distribution between Ulladulla on the South Coast of NSW and Southern Queensland is the Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi). Growing primarily on coastal heaths and in woodlands, it can produce a stunning, massed display with its large, star-shaped white flowers from early spring to late summer. Occasional flowers at other times of the year are not unusual. Close examination of the soft, downy petals reveals green tips.  And no, it’s not a member of the daisy family as one might expect, but rather of the carrot family. Crush and smell...

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Refresh Your Home’s Design

Isabella Ross It is spring-cleaning time – out with the old and in with the new! Refreshing your design and décor can always feel like a bit of a challenge and definitely overwhelming. But not to fear, because all it takes are simple strategies that can make a great difference. Whether it is colour, textiles or standout furniture pieces, there is something to suit every budget. Let Artwork Inspire: Art is a very personal expression of taste and creativity. Everyone likes different art pieces, whether it is Indigenous dot paintings, traditional scenic murals or modern sculptures. My recommendation is...

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