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Christmas Bells – The Perfect Plant this Season

Brian Roach If it wasn’t for the Waratah, I’m sure our state floral emblem would be the equally iconic Christmas Bells (Blandfordia grandiflora/nobilis). There’s little wonder this plant was given its common name long ago because these delightful gems in our local bushland usually produce their stunning flowers over the festive season. The bells can vary in colour from yellow, orange or red with usually a combination of colours being the norm. But finding these gems in the bush is not an easy task. They need very specific conditions to flourish and do not compete well with other nearby...

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3 Nursery Room Must-Haves

Isabella Ross Rocking Nursing Chair: Rocking chairs are popular among new mums as the soft rocking movement is one of the most common ways to get a newborn to sleep. This camel tone should make cleaning easy and can be accessorised with a cushion or throw rug. Changing Pad Kit: No need to buy a changing table. If the space isn’t available in your nursery – no worries! Instead purchase a changing pad kit. These small, light, foldable and transportable mats can be secured onto a low dresser tabletop, with both sides often made of cushioned fabric, with a...

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3 Ways to Transform your Kitchen

Isabella Ross Kitchens are the heart of the home – a space where family and friends come together to enjoy some good food, entertain and catch up. Not to mention, the kitchen can also dramatically increase or decrease the value of your home – so choosing the right design changes is key when undergoing renovations. Sydney Observer, in consultation with Sydney Doors has collated the top 3 ways you can transform your kitchen into a stylish showstopper – read on to discover! Splash Backs: Glass splash backs are incredibly modern, adding a contemporary touch to your kitchen. There is...

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Applause for Paws

Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos) is certainly one of the better-known native plant species within the broader gardening community. Although there are many varieties around these days, they all come from only eleven species that are endemic to Western Australia. That being said, very few of those eleven species can be successfully grown over here on the eastern side of the continent. Our wet summers with high humidity are in stark contrast to the dry summers in the west with fungal problems often besetting the WA beauties when grown over here. The tell-tale sign of trouble is ‘Ink Disease’ with black...

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Fun Interior Trends this Season

Eliza Cusack With warmer days quickly approaching, now is a great time to incorporate some interior design trends that can create that effortless summer vibe in your home.  Bring the Outdoors in: Bringing a variety of indoor plants into your home can really help to improve the mood and feel of a room. Try Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, String of Hearts or Monstera Deliciosa as these plants are great for surviving indoor conditions. These larger plans are best for the corners of rooms, whereas smaller plants and flowers look great on coffee tables and even windowsills. Pops of Colour: Colour doesn’t...

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