Brian Roach Once widely known as ‘Wallum’ prior to European settlement, our magnificent banksias range across this vast land of ours. The genus contains around 75 different species and is part of the Proteaceae family which includes grevilleas and waratahs. Many of...

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Refreshing the Sitting Room

Madeleine Taplin As we come into autumn, it is the perfect time to refresh your living spaces, particularly the sitting room! One of the most important rooms, the sitting room sets a tone for the home, and plays a large role in entertaining guests, as well as...

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Trending Bathroom Designs

Nishthaa Verma Just like any other area of the house, the bathroom is a very important design statement. Not only is it ideal to keep clean and tidy, but you can also try to add some life and personality through decorating it however you want. Below are some tips...

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Hit the Refresh Button in the Home

Isabella Ross With the New Year comes the time to refresh your interior – out with the old and in with the new! Refreshing your design and décor can always feel like a bit of a challenge and definitely overwhelming. But not to fear, because all it takes are simple...

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