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Top 5 Winter Desserts

Tayla Foster Winter is a time to stay indoors surrounded by family and friends, all spread around the fireplace in comfortable clothes and full bellies. But what can make any day better? DESSERT! Baking and creating beautiful desserts this winter season will bring the whole family together and fill them up with delicious treats. A Classic – Who doesn’t love a homemade apple pie with a side of vanilla ice cream? It is made from fresh apple and a fluttering pastry that will melt in your mouth. The earthy aromas of sticky apple, cinnamon and lemon sugar is enough...

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Orange and Almond Cake

Isabella Ross Ingredients: 5 big oranges420 grams castor sugar375 grams almond meal7 eggs1 tsp. baking powderA handful of flaked almondsIcing sugar Method: Soak all the oranges in warm water to get rid of potential wax for 20 minutes, then remove from water. Take 3 of the 5 oranges and place them into a large saucepan with enough water to cover them. Bring to boil on a medium heat and wait until soft in the centre. This will take approximately 2 hours. Drain and set aside and let cool. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 160°C. Grease the tin and line the...

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Local Spots for a Lunch Getaway

Dipti Singh The North Shore is known for its easy-going cafe and restaurant culture. With excellent cafes that offer delicious food, great coffee and an exceptional lunch and dining experience, you are bound to find a favourite spot locally. You don’t have to go far to find a nice lunch out option as North Shore is jam-packed with fantastic eateries that cater with style to hungry bellies. We have curated a list of lunching options for all the foodies to dig-in and enjoy their favourite meals. Sails on Lavender Bay The restaurant is situated at Lavender Bay on the...

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Hearty Winter Soups

Isabella Ross Everyone loves a winter warmer, especially a delicious meal of hearty soup! Now is a great time to expand your repertoire and enjoy these yummy recipes. Pea and Ham Soup: Ingredients: 1 ham hock.1 brown onion.4 celery sticks.3 cloves of garlic.1 chicken stock cube.500g split green peas.2 carrots.2 small potatoes.Salt and pepper to taste. Method: Cut up the carrot, celery and potato into bite-sized pieces. Also dice the garlic and onion.Place ham hock into a large saucepan, filling it with cold water so that the hock is covered. Cook for 20 minutes on high heat. Every now...

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Chef Wilsons Bakery

Isabella Ross There is no denying that during this current pandemic and time of high stress, many of us are not up to cooking or baking. Yet Sydneysiders are in luck! In comes Chef Wilsons Bakery. Serving up the sweet classics, Chef Wilsons Bakery offers lots of delicious goodies, that we absolutely love (the macaroons especially!). Options include a Tasting Box, Double Chocolate Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Macaroons, Profiteroles and more! For those who want a bit of everything, the Tasting Box is the way to go – perfect for afternoon tea, dessert and special occasions spent at home....

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