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Fab and Fruity Smoothies

Isabella Ross There is nothing better for the Spring weather than delicious and refreshing smoothies. Whether you are someone who works chaotic hours and has difficulty organising a substantial breakfast, or someone conscious about their health, here are some fresh and fruity smoothie recipes perfect for breakfast. A handy tip – if you are short on time and want to save a buck, using frozen fruit is a good alternative. The fruit still holds the same flavour and nutrients and it can actually save you lots of time. Using some zip lock bags, label each bag according to the...

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Sunday Roast Recipe

Tayla Foster Let’s face it, there is truly nothing better than a classic Sunday roast. A hearty meal prepared with love and compassion. The perfect time to sneak in some roasted vegetables for the kids and a great source of deliciously marinated protein. Hours of slaving over the stove top and oven have you exhausted. The dinner table is set with starters, place settings and bread has already begun to break amongst hungry little mouths. You’ve finally sat down to enjoy the classic roasted chicken, wishing and begging that it is even the slightest bit reminiscent of one your...

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The Ultimate Lasagne Recipe

Isabella Ross Ingredients: Instant Lasagne Sheets 375 grams500 grams of grated mozzarella (use as much or as little as you desire)1 brown onion690 grams tomato passata500 grams tomato paste500 grams lean beef mince4 cloves of garlic2 bay leaves.Salt and pepper to taste.Fresh basil to serve White Sauce (Bechamel): ¼ cup plain flour¼ cup or 450ml approximate of milk60 grams butter Method: To make the Bolognese sauce, start with caramelizing the onions and garlic. Then add the mince and brown on a medium heat. Once mince is cooked, add the tomato paste and place on a low heat. Continue to...

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Soft Shell Tacos with Avocado Salsa

John Ross Ingredients – 1 packet soft tacos – local supermarket, *can buy gluten free– 2 x 150 gr Sirloin steak – Ask your local butcher to cut for you– 1 ripe avocado– ¼ bunch coriander roots for avocado– salsa, leaves for tacos garnish.– 1 lime – Use zest and juice– Chilli flakes to taste– 50gr frozen corn kernels– 1 tbsp olive oil– 1 ripe tomato– 50gr shredded iceberg lettuce– 50 ml sour cream– Salt & pepper to taste Spice Mix – 1 tsp chilli powder– 1 tsp onion powder– 1 tsp garlic powder– 1 tsp ground cumin– 1...

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Top 5 Winter Desserts

Tayla Foster Winter is a time to stay indoors surrounded by family and friends, all spread around the fireplace in comfortable clothes and full bellies. But what can make any day better? DESSERT! Baking and creating beautiful desserts this winter season will bring the whole family together and fill them up with delicious treats. A Classic – Who doesn’t love a homemade apple pie with a side of vanilla ice cream? It is made from fresh apple and a fluttering pastry that will melt in your mouth. The earthy aromas of sticky apple, cinnamon and lemon sugar is enough...

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