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Ditching Renting for Investing

Sara Zarriello With an already precarious property market prior to the pandemic, Sydney’s significant housing and rental figures continue to rise, especially now whilst drawn out by consistent lockdowns. This has not only put a strain on the pockets of Sydney’s youth, but that of their parents too.  What is now referred to as ‘Generation Boomerang’ has seen Millennial and Generation Z renters move back home to live with their parents as a money saving tactic. It’s recorded that more people aged in the 25-34 bracket in Sydney are choosing to live at home because of greater labour and...

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How to get your personal budget sorted with these four tips

Lockdown is no picnic – we all know that by now. This new “Stuckhome Syndrome” might cause us to be anxious and irritable, but it does have a few positive side-effects, especially when it comes to saving money. As we’ve detailed on the site, we spend less on travel, food, the gym, and going out – not the shiniest of silver linings, but it is there! With all this spare time on our hands, now is the opportunity to get your personal budget sorted. If you, like so many others, say “I’ll do it later” – later has well...

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Grants Available for Local Community Groups

Local organisations in the Davidson electorate can now apply for funding to support local community projects under the NSW Government’s Infrastructure Grants program, Member for Davidson, Jonathan O’Dea said today. Mr O’Dea said the impacts of COVID-19 are still being widely felt and support for struggling community organisations will remain a priority for this latest round. “$12.5 million is available in 2021/22 for new or upgraded facilities across sport and recreation, arts and culture, disaster readiness and community infrastructure. This is an opportunity for local organisations to apply for funding for projects that will provide long-term benefits to the community....

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Monopoly coming to Northern Sydney: suggest a local business today!

Imagine having your company featured as a property on MONOPOLY, the most popular board game in the world. If your business is an innovator based in Northern Sydney, now’s the chance. The iconic board game, MONOPOLY is coming to Northern Sydney!The aim is to make the entire game a truly Northern Sydney experience. The team at North Sydney Innovation Network (NSIN), a non-profit organisation, has partnered with Winning Moves and Hasbro to create the MONOPOLY board showcasing local innovative Australian businesses and startups. The NSIN promotes the contribution of innovation-driven enterprises – particularly startups and fast-growth organisations across the...

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Rent or Own? The Ultimate Question

Matthew Wai Will renting always be ‘dead money?’ Or will owning a property always guarantee you a constant appreciation? With a fluctuating market and climate, we can never be certain about these variables. However, in this article, we will help you make your decision-making easier by emphasizing the advantages of the two different methods. Owning a property: 1.     Property value rises in the future Although property prices may not climb significantly in the short-term, the value of your property will most likely rise in the long-term. This is, however, highly dependable on the features of your property, such as...

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