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Where Does the North Shore Stand amid Housing Crisis?

Eliza Cusack As a direct result of COVID-19, rent across the North Shore has plummeted. This has eventually led to the issue of renegotiating leases on behalf of tenants who are threatening to leave if their rents aren’t reduced. The latest issue of the Domain Rent Report has shown that Sydney units are the sector that’s been hit the hardest. The report showed that in the June quarter, rent prices were the lowest they have been in five years. On the Lower North Shore, rent has fallen by 6.7 per cent. This can be attributed to the decrease in...

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Budget Deficit News

Australians are receiving news that the country is set to experience the worst budget deficit since World War II, a fact that most likely does not come as a shock to many given the current circumstance. The pandemic has wreaked economic havoc across the globe, and unfortunately Australia has not been spared. News came recently that JobSeeker, JobKeeper and Coronavirus Supplement payments would extend further into 2021 at a lesser rate, therefore certifying economic stability for many. The Finance Minister announced today that the Government has thus far provided economic support for workers, households and businesses of approximately $289...

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The close of the financial year

Tayla Foster The end of the financial year has commonly been a saving grace for people struggling to save, to pay off a mortgage or tackle crippling debt. It’s that time of the year that accountants are at their busiest, pop up accountants are set up throughout shopping malls and young people are planning their next trip to Bali based on their tax return. People are scrambling to see what they can claim back, receipts are being pulled out of storage from 6 months prior. It’s a time Australian’s look forward too and a time where they might even...

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The Conversation Change: Women vs Money

Johanna Rumphorst We have to change the way we speak about women and money. “Mum, I am a rich man,” said the true icon Cher. There are many things wrong in the way we talk about money and women. A study from Starling Bank has analysed how different male and female-centric media outlets write about money and discovered some problematic differences. Women are often being portrayed as ‘excessive spenders’ – that have no idea about money (we all watched Bridget Jones and Confessions of a Shopaholic). Men on the other hand are being encouraged to spend money with articles...

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Appraise the Value of Your Home

Dipti Singh Buying a home is one of the biggest financial investments a person makes in their lifetime. Even though if the property market is booming or receding, it is imperative to still make some effort to maintain or enhance the value of your property. If you are looking to sell your home or just want to make your property future-proof, there are plenty of ways to add value without embarking on any big renovations or expensive revamping. Changing Wall Switches Sometimes, it is the nuances that matter and with time, regular wall switches appear to look pale, dull,...

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