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Supporting your Loved Ones in Lockdown

Madeleine Taplin As lockdown drags on for millions of people across Australia, many family and friends are wondering how best to help ensure their loved ones are maintaining a good state of wellbeing. In Sydney, this recent lockdown has been the longest the state has experienced, and this has seen an increased sense of feelings of panic and anxiety, not to mention significant increases in loneliness. During this time, an essential strategy to keep stress in check is to communicate with others, so now is the perfect time to check in with your friends and family and support one...

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2021 Sydney Spring Garden Competition

There are some pretty spectacular gardens around the local area, perfectly manicured with time, consideration and passion at the heart. For those who pride themselves on their immaculate residential gardens, it’s worth considering entering the 2021 Sydney Spring Garden Competition! Free to enter, entries are open for the competition until 13th October, meaning you still have plenty of time to get your front yard into tip top shape. Sydney Spring Garden Competition judge, Cecily Rogers OAM notes how the gardens are assessed, highlighting the core purpose is for gardens to beautify streets – the simple pleasure of sharing a...

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Ways to Show your Support this R U OK?DAY

Courtesy of R U OK?DAY R U OK?DAY is designed to encourage us to connect with others, seek help ourselves if needed and foster a space of acceptance, awareness and kindness when it comes to conversations around mental health. Lockdown has been particularly tough for us Sydneysiders, so there is every chance that someone you know might be struggling – your genuine support can make a major difference. Here are some COVID-safe ways to help show your support today and into the future: Walk and talk Where exercise is permitted, use the opportunity to go for a walk with...

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Viral Baked Oats Recipe

Sara Zarriello Take rolled oats to the next level. Check out this delicious and easy baked oats recipe going viral across social media and online platforms.   Easy, yummy and nutritious – baked oats are the best thing to come out of oatmeal. Feel free to customise your baked oats with whatever flavours you like. The great thing about this recipe is that it is versatile and cooks quickly in the microwave. Try adding a touch of jam in the centre and cut up strawberries on top for a strawberry shortcake baked oats. Or if you’re looking for something...

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Australian Natives: Pea Flowers, Perfect for Spring

Brian Roach If ever there was a common name for a native plant that simply rolls a multitude of species into the one name, it must be ‘Eggs & Bacon.’ I’m sure it had its origin in seeking to describe a plant with pea-like flowers that were yellow and orange. There are many of them and most are in the family Fabaceae and they’re not all yellow and orange. Just about all members of this very large group are legumes and so yes, they are pea flowers! One of my favourite native plants is the West Australian Flame Pea,...

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