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Refresh Your Home’s Design

Isabella Ross It is spring-cleaning time – out with the old and in with the new! Refreshing your design and décor can always feel like a bit of a challenge and definitely overwhelming. But not to fear, because all it takes are simple strategies that can make a great difference. Whether it is colour, textiles or standout furniture pieces, there is something to suit every budget. Let Artwork Inspire: Art is a very personal expression of taste and creativity. Everyone likes different art pieces, whether it is Indigenous dot paintings, traditional scenic murals or modern sculptures. My recommendation is...

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Fab and Fruity Smoothies

Isabella Ross There is nothing better for the Spring weather than delicious and refreshing smoothies. Whether you are someone who works chaotic hours and has difficulty organising a substantial breakfast, or someone conscious about their health, here are some fresh and fruity smoothie recipes perfect for breakfast. A handy tip – if you are short on time and want to save a buck, using frozen fruit is a good alternative. The fruit still holds the same flavour and nutrients and it can actually save you lots of time. Using some zip lock bags, label each bag according to the...

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Accessorise your Look this Spring

Tayla Foster You’ve planned the perfect outfit and ensured that have the right shoes, the perfect top and skirt, but what is missing? The right accessory for your outfit!? Why not jazz up your wardrobe with a few simple and affordable accessories. Fashion trends come and go, but something that always lives on is the memory and even cringe worthy moments they bring when reminiscing over old photos. Avoid that cringe worthy moment by accessorising with the top 3 hacks this spring season. Scrunch it Up: Scrunchies are the new craze making its way back into the fashion world...

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Why a Country-side Escape is the Best Idea

Eliza Cusack Having recently been on a farm getaway up the coast for a couple of days, I couldn’t believe how relaxing it was to escape from the craziness that Sydney often brings with it. There’s something about being completely secluded and having cows as your main company that really brings you back to the present moment. With current COVID restrictions meaning we most likely won’t be holidaying outside of NSW for a while, why not make the most of the beautiful rural landscape for a change. BOWRAL: Bowral is one of the most picturesque towns less than an...

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Master Decor for a Master Bedroom

Tayla Foster Do you want to master the decor of the best room in your home? Perhaps implement Feng Shui in the room to suit the aesthetic you and your partner are yearning for? But how do you forge two ideas into one pleasing neutral tone that suits two different people? Through the art of master decorating! Let’s Get Colourful Setting a tone for one’s master bedroom starts with a simple colour palette. Pick a colour that speaks to your taste. White’s and pastel colours are perfect for those seeking a sense of sophistication to be brought to their...

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