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Local Spots for a Lunch Getaway

Dipti Singh The North Shore is known for its easy-going cafe and restaurant culture. With excellent cafes that offer delicious food, great coffee and an exceptional lunch and dining experience, you are bound to find a favourite spot locally. You don’t have to go far to find a nice lunch out option as North Shore is jam-packed with fantastic eateries that cater with style to hungry bellies. We have curated a list of lunching options for all the foodies to dig-in and enjoy their favourite meals. Sails on Lavender Bay The restaurant is situated at Lavender Bay on the...

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An opportunity to celebrate writing

Dipti Singh Storyathon is a free online event that encourages years 3-8 grade students from Australia and New Zealand to write a 100-word microstory. With more than 3000 classrooms participating, Storyathon has already proven extremely successful and it has produced more than 50,000 stories to date. Microstories are small narratives that encourage students to refine their vocabulary, play with words, and concentrate on their message. Storyathon wants students to respect writing as much as any other sports, hobbies and how other common activities are valued. Writing a microstory is a learning activity that is very inclusive and accessible as...

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Reasons to Shop Sustainable Fashion

Johanna Rumphorst The pandemic has made sustainable fashion more important than ever. The majority of people have honed and perfected their online shopping during the lockdown, but do you know what happens after you return clothes you bought online? They get thrown away. In recent years a lot of high fashion brands were accused of throwing out returned clothes, or even burning them. That is not the only issue that the pandemic has shed light on. Many of the leading brands have cancelled orders for over $2 billion worth of clothes that had already been produced due to COVID-19....

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5 Tips to Beat Your Winter Blues

Johanna Rumphorst Sydney is the city of sea and sun, so dropping temperatures and seasonal winter blues are hitting extra hard in those colder months. Good thing that the recent lockdown trained us how to spend more time indoors and make the most out of Sydney’s winter. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that is believed to be caused by the changing seasons. Typically, symptoms begin to worsen around autumn and peak during the winter months. Symptoms of SAD are similar to other forms of depression, including feelings of hopelessness, lack of concentration, social withdrawal, and...

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Plan a Snowy Escape this Winter

Dipti Singh The pandemic left the hopes and dreams in tatters of thousands of travellers this year. Yet with the easing of travel restrictions, the Australian ski season is going ahead in 2020. It’s the time of the year when skiers and snowboarders can gear up and plan their weekends as the skiing and snowboarding resorts are going to commence soon. Get ready to feel the bracing breeze on your face and the rush of snow under your skis. Thredbo Known as a wonderland of snow sports, Thredbo is a beautiful alpine village buzzing with bars, restaurants and nightspots, as...

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