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Celebrate Sydney Writers’ Festival Locally

Matthew Wai After a long halt from all the cancellations and delays from the previous year due to COVID-19, Sydney Writers’ Festival is excited to announce various events occurring in the coming days. Quite a few events as part of the 2021 program are being implemented across the North Shore area, allowing audiences from our community to have a chance in reaching and interacting with some great authors themselves. These events are highly anticipated, with prominent writers presenting their latest works. The theme ‘Within Reach’ is promoted to encourage narrowing the connections between readers and writers in engaging more...

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North Shore Home Inspiration: Rose Seidler House

Isabella Ross There is an undeniable charm about heritage-listed buildings – they represent a preservation of architectural talent from bygone eras. For some design inspiration, we have profiled one of our favourite architectural gems on the North Shore. ROSE SEIDLER HOUSE Built in 1950, Rose Seidler House is a powerhouse example of Mid-20th Century modern domestic architecture nationwide. During its time, the property was ‘the most talked-about house in Sydney’, due to its polarizing design features, flipping the traditional conventions of the typical suburban home on its head. A win for Sydneysiders, this estate can be visited as it...

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Hobart: Australia’s Best Kept Secret

Madeleine Taplin Are you looking for a holiday location rich in history, but one that still offers a multitude of other fun activities and plenty of sight-seeing? Tasmania’s capital city Hobart may just be the place for you. Originally a brutal penal colony, Hobart has embraced its history and culture to become one of Australia’s most picturesque cities. With warm hospitality, stunning landscapes, and some of the world’s cleanest air, Hobart is certainly a great place to visit. WHERE TO STAY Hobart is all about heritage mixed with storytelling and art. For this reason, you can’t go past ‘The...

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Autumn Fashion Hotspots

Madeleine Taplin Carolina: With handcrafted pieces from Columbia, South America, and a generous loyalty program, you can’t go wrong with this boutique. Stocking a range of homewares, clothing, jewellery and other accessories, you are sure to find something unique and magical. Known as a high-quality lifestyle label, all the pieces are functional, good quality and well-priced. You truly can’t find anything else like this store! St Ives Village Shopping Centre or 4/9-17 Young St, Neutral Bay. Elvis et Moi: Hand designed pieces of fine gold-filled jewellery, this store aims to represent inclusion and universal love. The pieces are truly...

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Relationship Reboot: The Five Love Languages

Sarah Wainwright Catching up for a dog walk and coffee with my friend Catherine Simes, Psychologist and School Counsellor at The Kings School, we found ourselves talking about love, marriage and romantic relationships! Cath mentioned The Five Love Languages and how useful they are to consider in relationships. The original intention of The Love Language theory is learning each other’s love languages and modifying one’s own behaviour accordingly. “In my work as a counsellor and psychologist, I’ve found The Five Love Languages is a really powerful way to help clients understand their partner (or children, friends and family members)...

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