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Wasteful Fast Fashion

Erin Christie Years of impulse shopping and changing trends can make for wardrobes filled with unused fashion. A study recently released by Australian label David Lawrence shows that there is a total of 52 million unworn items among the wardrobes of the nation. The same study found that the main excuses for wasted garments were the lack of a suitable occasion, items that didn’t fit or suit the individual who bought them, nothing to match the item, or that it was no longer in fashion. However, these situations need to be avoided so that Australians can stop contributing to...

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Changing dress codes

Juliana Kichkin How the rise of casual dress is a meditation of the breakdown between work and leisure Yesterday PricewaterhouseCoopers announced that it would be scraping its dress code. As one of the leading professional services giants, it’s paving the way for the increasing blur between work and leisure. In May The New York Times ran a story heralding “the end of the office dress code.” Corporate uniforms that create a tone of uniformity are reportedly a thing of the past. According to writer Vanessa Friedman, “we live in a moment in which the notion of a uniform is...

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Sabrina Muysken Whether you are diligently monitoring those pesky wrinkles, fighting off stubborn adult acne, or genetically blessed with natural radiance staying ahead in the healthy skin game is vital. That being said, the reality is our gender counterparts rarely share that same frivolous excitement when trialling the latest skincare products. So we have narrowed it down to the best, multi-functional products. No five-step routines or expensive serums here. The Aromatherapy Company’s ‘Therapy Man’ Hair & Body Wash, $23.95. This nifty shower companion works to cleanse, invigorate, and rejuvenate your hair and your body. Suffering hair loss? It contains...

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Spring Races

Sabrina Muysken The spring racing season has kicked off. Picking a winner outfit can present quite the dilemma. With so many elements to consider it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and out of your depth. To help you through this years racing calendar we’ve compiled a few fashionable tricks. Giddy up! Hat-friendly Hair Finding the perfect headpiece is half the battle. Deciding what hair to pair it with is just as crucial. If you’re wearing a structured hat opt for a sleek pulled back, low bun. Let your headwear take the glory here to give you that minimalist sophisticated look....

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