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Elegant Accessories to Try

Tayla Foster We’ve all been there. Standing in front of the mirror picking apart the 17th outfit tried on in the space of 10 minutes. There is always just one thing missing, but what is it? “Am I wearing the wrong pants, would this look better with a different shirt, do these shoes match my outfit?” These are the questions we are battling and the ones driving our partners insane. But what if it wasn’t the shoes or the clothes that completed the outfit? What if it is as simple as one accessory? Single Necklace Chains: Complete your look...

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Mums: How to Dress to Impress

Isabella Ross Mums are the champions of the household. Constantly on the go, there is no question that fashion can sometimes be pushed aside in their chaotic lives. So forget the sweat pants and explore these age-appropriate fashion trends that will leave you feeling fabulous. Accessorising is Gospel To elevate any outfit, accessorising is the way to go. For these cooler months, opt for a scarf or pashmina as the draping effect of the material shapes the body well. Animal print is also on the market, implemented stylishly through sandal slides or a belt. In terms of trending colour...

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Support Black-Owned Beauty Brands

Dipti Singh As part of the Black Lives Matter movement, millions of supporters not only took to the streets to condemn racial injustice but also to their wallets to fund black-owned companies. Black innovators, musicians, businesspeople and common citizens alike have all made major differences to culture, both locally and internationally. Now is the time to reassess our buying behaviours and embrace black-owned enterprises that sell things that most of us already purchase, including beauty products. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Pat McGrath Labs Known simply as ‘mother’ to the beauty industry, Pat McGrath is a legend as...

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Trendy Beauty Products and Tools

Dipti Singh If you are still stuck with your old skincare products and tools, it’s time for you to change it up a little by integrating some 2020 skincare trends into your everyday skincare routine. Here is a list of inspiration to treat yourself and stay ahead of the curve by achieving the best skin of your life in 2020. RETINOL PRODUCTS When it comes to trendy skincare products, one has gone right to the top of this year’s hotlist. Retinol is an effective ingredient to help keep the skin clean, healthy, and youthful. Whether it is derived from...

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Reasons to Shop Sustainable Fashion

Johanna Rumphorst The pandemic has made sustainable fashion more important than ever. The majority of people have honed and perfected their online shopping during the lockdown, but do you know what happens after you return clothes you bought online? They get thrown away. In recent years a lot of high fashion brands were accused of throwing out returned clothes, or even burning them. That is not the only issue that the pandemic has shed light on. Many of the leading brands have cancelled orders for over $2 billion worth of clothes that had already been produced due to COVID-19....

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