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Trendy Beauty Products and Tools

Dipti Singh If you are still stuck with your old skincare products and tools, it’s time for you to change it up a little by integrating some 2020 skincare trends into your everyday skincare routine. Here is a list of inspiration to treat yourself and stay ahead of the curve by achieving the best skin of your life in 2020. RETINOL PRODUCTS When it comes to trendy skincare products, one has gone right to the top of this year’s hotlist. Retinol is an effective ingredient to help keep the skin clean, healthy, and youthful. Whether it is derived from...

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Reasons to Shop Sustainable Fashion

Johanna Rumphorst The pandemic has made sustainable fashion more important than ever. The majority of people have honed and perfected their online shopping during the lockdown, but do you know what happens after you return clothes you bought online? They get thrown away. In recent years a lot of high fashion brands were accused of throwing out returned clothes, or even burning them. That is not the only issue that the pandemic has shed light on. Many of the leading brands have cancelled orders for over $2 billion worth of clothes that had already been produced due to COVID-19....

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Office Wear Fashion Trends

Tayla Foster Keeping it Casual Cast your mind back to the time of shoulder pads, technicolour pencil skirts, suspenders and bow ties. If your mind then begins to wander up to the time of hair spray and perms, you are thinking of the right era. The 1980s was a time that defined future developments of corporate wear. Nowadays we see fragments of past fashion in our everyday office attire. Now, think about what you would wear to work today, very much in keeping the same stylistic elements. Yet we have grown over the past 40 years, and like gender,...

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Second Hand Has Never Looked So Chic!

Isabella Ross Sydney Observer is always excited to showcase a new local business story, and this month’s success comes in the form of Handpipped Vintage by North Shore local Pip Dracakis. Established in 2019, Handpipped Vintage is all about sustainability, with Pip selling pre-loved items online to her enthusiastic audience. Both the business’ website and Instagram provide Pip with the platform to share her passion for vintage styling. “I love vintage style and this project has been an incredible creative outlet for me. I am passionate about sustainability and dream of a world where everyone shops second hand,” she...

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Must-have Accessories for the Chilly Seasons

Dipti Singh Winter is right around the corner, and now you should get ready to stock up cosy coats and leather boots or shoes at this point. Winter season is a perfect time for layered looks, oversized sweaters, warm jackets, and comfortable accessories as these are essential to keep you warm and update your look. To stay fashionable without sacrificing your style, we have curated a list of winter must-haves that should definitely be in your wardrobe. 1. BEANIES Beanies are quite trendy as they can easily enhance your overall style statement. They come in different cool patterns, bright...

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