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How to Shop Online for Skincare and Makeup

Madeleine Taplin Those of us who have chanced purchasing makeup online will know the perils of buying makeup online without having the ability to try it out first. Whilst online shopping has blown up significantly over the past 5 years, with over 60% of people regularly purchasing clothes, books, music, movies and more online, very few people are comfortable with purchasing makeup or skincare products over the web. However, amid the pandemic, many of us have been forced to take that jump and purchase our beauty goods online. Shop Around: When purchasing online, the best thing to do is...

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Winter Fashion Trends

Madeleine Taplin Winter is very much here, with freezing temperatures our new normal. Luckily for us, as our spirits dampen with the cool change, we can find joy in fashion! After all, winter is when fashion trends are at their peak. From varieties of knitwear to chunky boots, the possibilities are endless. Knit Dresses: By far the easiest way to elevate a winter fashion look, long knits are a staple item and absolutely worth investing in according to Marie Claire Australia. Perfect for the office or as a weekend staple, go for a maxi or midi length to nail...

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Sustainable Makeup Recommendations

Madeleine Taplin In the past year we have witnessed some of the most detrimental natural disasters that have impacted homes, families and animals. Sadly, most of the harm the environment has suffered is caused by society and the unsustainable daily habits we live by. As such, more people are beginning to switch their lives for the better, choosing to protect our planet by living a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. There are multiple ways in which we can strive to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and this could start with making the switch to sustainable makeup. According to the...

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Sustainable Fashion on the North Shore

Isabella Ross Many Aussies are turning to all-things sustainable, aiming to educate themselves on how to make their wardrobes eco-friendly. There are lots of ways to achieve this, yet one of the simplest ideas is to embrace the numerous op shops abundant on the North Shore. So, to stay stylish, save money and help the planet, not to mention charity shops, read on! TAKE YOUR TIME BROWSING When it comes to op shopping, it is quite time-consuming but incredibly entertaining. What I mean by this is that shoppers should take their time to browse and go through the racks...

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Autumn Fashion Hotspots

Madeleine Taplin Carolina: With handcrafted pieces from Columbia, South America, and a generous loyalty program, you can’t go wrong with this boutique. Stocking a range of homewares, clothing, jewellery and other accessories, you are sure to find something unique and magical. Known as a high-quality lifestyle label, all the pieces are functional, good quality and well-priced. You truly can’t find anything else like this store! St Ives Village Shopping Centre or 4/9-17 Young St, Neutral Bay. Elvis et Moi: Hand designed pieces of fine gold-filled jewellery, this store aims to represent inclusion and universal love. The pieces are truly...

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