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Autumn Fashion Hotspots

Madeleine Taplin Carolina: With handcrafted pieces from Columbia, South America, and a generous loyalty program, you can’t go wrong with this boutique. Stocking a range of homewares, clothing, jewellery and other accessories, you are sure to find something unique and magical. Known as a high-quality lifestyle label, all the pieces are functional, good quality and well-priced. You truly can’t find anything else like this store! St Ives Village Shopping Centre or 4/9-17 Young St, Neutral Bay. Elvis et Moi: Hand designed pieces of fine gold-filled jewellery, this store aims to represent inclusion and universal love. The pieces are truly...

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Ways to Impress – Men’s Fashion

Matthew Wai Are you looking for ideas on how to establish a great impression but don’t know where to start? Do not worry – here are a few staple pieces that will look great for any occasion. The Denim Jacket: As autumn is in action and it could be a chilly season this year, having a jacket on hand is always a good idea. Whether it is to add an extra layer on top of your t-shirt to keep you warm or covering your button-ups, creating a sense of style casualness, the denim jacket is an ideal choice all...

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Your Best Hair Affair

Nishthaa Verma This year, let’s get crazy, let’s get creative – your hair is a canvas! After all, great hair is the best accessory. Have a look below at some of the best trending hairstyles of 2021. Bold, Blunt Cuts: Wait, did you just think that they are out of fashion? Absolutely not! Who doesn’t think a short cut is fun and flirty. They are back and it seems like they will overpower other haircuts in 2021. If you are looking for a natural cut, then, this one is definitely for you. Shags, oh Shags: Quite rock ‘n’ roll,...

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Femme February Fashion

Isabella Ross Red with Envy Be bold this summer season with warm tones. All things red are the hype currently, as well as terracotta, pink, tangerine and crimson tones. Suiting multiple different skin tones, this colour palette is highly versatile and complementary. Incorporating red into your accessories is also on the agenda – think bold berry handbags or even a lick of nail polish Creative Prints Age is just a number – so regardless of if you are 60 or 20, why not get creative and play with prints in your repertoire. Camilla is one of the most popular...

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Swimwear Styles this Season

Isabella Ross Summer is the time to expand the swimsuit repertoire – embracing new styles, patterns and cuts. So, take inspiration from this collection of trends curated by Sydney Observer. As we have all come to know, the perfect swimsuit can take your poolside look to another level.  The One Piece: One pieces are a staple in the swimwear wardrobe, flattering on a variety of body types, ages and more. Not only are they of a lovely versatile shape, but they’re also incredibly practical – win/win! The great thing about this style is that they can have some embellishments...

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