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Breezy Beautiful Fashion

Isabella Ross Light Fabrics Soft, breezy clothing choices are ideal when it comes to the hot temperatures of summer. Whether it is linens, cotton, silk or chiffon there is no question that light-weight fabrics are a must-have for this season. Quirky Sunglasses Whether it is the iconic 50’s cat-eye style, square shape or aviator, sunglasses are a necessary staple all-year round. Sunglasses are important for both the protection of your eyes and also as a fashion statement. Simply pick a pair that suit your face shape and will compliment a good range of clothing choices.   Cool Tones Now...

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Swimwear Style This Season

Isabella Ross Dressing to your body shape is ideal when it comes to swimwear. If youth and confidence are still to your taste then why not opt for the classic bikini. For those who are uncomfortable with showing their midriff, a tankini is a great bathing-suit option. Also on the market are swimwear skirts, a modest yet stylish piece for women who don’t feel the appropriate age to be wearing a garment too skimpy. With lots of fabulous and good-quality brands currently stocking all sorts of swimwear styles, here is Sydney Observer’s guide to what is in fashion currently...

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3 Natural Remedies For Glowing Skin

Isabella Ross It is the sombre truth that stress and an unhealthy lifestyle have the unfortunate tendency to impact heavily on one’s skin. For those feeling like their ageing clock has quadrupled in speed, here are three simple strategies that can easily be executed to benefit your complexion and overall wellbeing. Stay Hydrated Given the recommended water intake for adults is two litres per day, dehydration is a common concern for a significant percentage of the population. A lack of hydration and moisture in the body can often result in a dull complexion and dryness. With dehydration it also becomes...

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Sabrina Muysken Based in Sydney, Australia and headed by Lisa-Jane McKenna, Luxury Bridal Blogger is an internationally celebrated blogger in the luxury bridal and haute couture, weddings and special events industry. The online platform helps to inspire and connect bride-to-be’s to their perfect gown designers, wedding vendors and event stylists, ultimately helping them to create their ultimate dream wedding. Since launching the Luxury Bridal Blogger Instagram platform in 2014, the page has amassed an impressive 190 000 followers – a figure which is steadily increasing. However, with a career background in the fashion industry and a passion for digital...

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YOUR MOST YOUTHFUL SKIN YET (NO INJECTABLES, SURGERY OR DOWNTIME NEEDED!) In a world where so much focus is placed upon appearances it has become increasingly difficult not to let any signs of ageing go by unnoticed, let alone untreated. Invasive procedures involving surgery or the use of injectables are becoming normalised not only as a way to turn back the clock for the mature-aged but also as an age-preventative measure for youth to stop the clock altogether. And whilst it is undeniable that the idea of youthfully plump skin and a smooth face is appealing to most, the...

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