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Styles of Learning

Tayla Foster Every student learns differently, some respond to a visual stimulus, others are auditory learners, some students respond better to creative lessons and others prefer the quiet one on one time to learn independently. This makes us feel for teachers trying to educate 30 students per classroom with varying ability and learning requirements. To allow students to reach their limitless potential we must first unlock the type of learner they are and how to properly cater to their needs. Challenge Have you ever read that your child might be easily distracted in class, constantly talking and distracting others?...

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A Blessing in Disguise

Tayla Foster Schools around Sydney have successfully completed their rocky first semester and are charging forward into Term 3 for the start of their final semester of the year. The nightmare of home learning has drifted off into a distant memory and we can confidently state that is to the great delight of parents across Sydney. Throughout the time of home distance learning, many parents were shocked to find out the levels in which their child had been learning at. It came as shock to parents to learn that their child had been falling behind within their studies. Many...

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Homework or No Work?

Tayla Foster A parent’s weekday nightmare, when the crumpled-up pieces of paper from the bottom of a child’s bag is placed on the table filled with sticky textures and dread. The argument begins, with a promise of getting it done later, further developing into a screaming match between parent and child shackled with the constraints of frustration, confusion and a sheer lack of interest. You’ve been battling with your child, your frustration with the school and have work of your own to do. The day in, day out arguments beg the question, is it too much, or not enough?...

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Graduating in a Pandemic

Eliza Cusack Around 300,000 university students graduate every year, which means that there are thousands of students who are graduating in what will probably be the most unprecedented time in their lives. Due to the state bans on the numbers allowed at large gatherings, universities across the country have had to postpone graduation ceremonies since March. Students will be asked to attend a rescheduled ceremony when restrictions are lifted. With the devastating effects of COVID-19 being felt across the country, job prospects are continuing to dwindle. Nearly 800,000 Aussies have lost their job since the coronavirus restrictions began. While...

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Strengthening Mathematics Skills – the new focus

Isabella Ross STEM-related subjects have been at the forefront of education dialogue recently, particularly a focus on mathematics and science. Research has shown that Aussie kids are falling behind in their mathematic skills, therefore igniting a worry among parents, educators and politicians that more needs to be done. Minister for Education Dan Tehan announced the appointment of Education Services Australia (ESA) to deliver a series of mathematics Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for teachers. The $9.5 million investment will also produce an online mathematics and numeracy resources hub for teachers, parents and students. “This initiative will provide high-quality professional...

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