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Stay Focused with these Productivity Tips

Dipti Singh Do you find it challenging to stay organised and be productive at the same time? With examinations approaching, lots of students might be getting stressed thinking about how to manage time better and arrange your days accordingly. Fortunately, technology is here to save the day, as you can download various apps to increase your productivity and be more organised and efficient. Try using these free productivity apps to strengthen study habits that can make a significant, positive difference in how you learn. 1) my Homework Student Planner App myHomework is a student planner digital app with a...

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Podcast suggestions to beat lockdown blues

Johanna Rumphorst With most of the lockdown measures still in place, indoor entertainment like Netflix, Spotify and podcasts hold as much importance more than ever. In particular, podcasts are the perfect distraction to take your mind off things, without affecting your productivity. It may come as a surprise, but the lockdown has actually had a negative effect on the podcast industry. With changes in the public’s daily routine such as less errands to run and less hours spent commuting, a significant number of listeners have been lost. Do not be deterred though as podcasts remain as vital as ever....

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From High School to University

Nicholas Grant The coming months mark a period of anxiety and indecisiveness for many Year 12 students, with HSC exams and major works permanently fixed in the back of their minds. It is no secret that the penultimate years of schooling are stressful. But, with the help of hindsight, we asked first-year university students for tips to relieve pressure and ease the transition during these times. Upon reflecting on Year 12, a common theme which arose was that students should be spending more time focusing on the ways in which they’re learning and creating strong study habits, rather than...

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Book Recommendations to Keep you Entertained

Johanna Rumphorst, Long before Coronavirus, social distancing and a nationwide lockdown, famed author Mason Cooley once said, “reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” Just because we can’t leave the house right now, doesn’t mean we can’t escape reality for a moment. In times of uncertainty like these, escapism can be important for mental wellbeing. It is tempting to hide in bed all day binging TV series, flying through movies and working through your book collection. The following recommendations are for everybody that appreciates a good read and is looking for a...

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HSC to go ahead despite COVID-19 crisis

Dipti Singh Education officials in NSW recently confirmed that the HSC exams will take place as the COVID-19 outbreak left students confused and nervous about what shape this year’s HSC will now take in their final year. The HSC is Australia’s High School Credential with 75,006 students taking one or more courses in 2019. Around, 67,915 are on track to finish their HSC this year. NSW public schools have seen a huge rise in student absences, from 40% on March 23 to 74% on March 24, following NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s announcement. Peter Shergold, president of the NSW Education...

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