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Home Learning: Maintaining a Schedule

Madeleine Taplin As Sydney remains in lockdown, a number of things about our daily lives have changed. Most importantly, online learning is back, forcing kids out of the classroom and into home-study. It is well known that children tend to be sensitive to change. It can bring anxiety to the front and potentially create poor/negative behaviour. In order to deal with change appropriately, we have to start by making children understand that change can be good! By phrasing lockdown as a gained opportunity rather than a missed one, we can start to alter the way in which they see...

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The Kitchen Garden Foundation – Food Education

Madeleine Taplin For so many children, healthy eating habits come from hours spent with their parents in the kitchen. However sadly, many children don’t get to experience these fundamental moments due to a variety of reasons such as busy schedules and work timetables. Without this pattern at home, many are growing up with little understanding of food preparation. This is where the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation comes in. Originally kickstarted in 2001 by chef Stephanie Alexander, the foundation created a program for primary school students at Collingwood College to engage in the growing and cooking experience of food,...

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Digital Citizenship: Benefits of Online Gaming

Sarah Wainwright Let’s break it down! Video games span from a simple, single player card game to massive multiplayer online games with virtual universes, where players interact and deal with transactions in the form of points, game enhancements and money. Video games are played on computers, laptops, hand-held devices, game consoles and increasingly on phones and tablets. One of the most popular multiplayer online games is ‘Fortnight Battle Royale’ boasting 40 million players world-wide (Webroot.Inc., 2021). A Snapshot on Gaming Courtesy of Digital Australia, 2020: Over 90% of Australian households own a gaming device67% of Australians play video games46%...

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Consent Education Matters

Madeleine Taplin If you have been paying attention to the news recently, you would be aware of the massive debates that have arisen over consent education, particularly the way in which this education is presented in schools. Following these debates, the government released a new website entitled ‘Good Society’ as part of its Respect Matters program, featuring numerous videos and resources on consent and other topics. One such resource is the now infamous ‘Milkshake Video’, which utilises the metaphor of smearing a milkshake on another individual without permission to represent sexual assault. The video received massive amounts of criticism,...

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What Type of Learner Are You?

Matthew Wai Studying is not for everyone, well at least, not in every circumstance. Most of us don’t love to study, especially with subjects or theories that we do not want to interact with. The loss of motivation and energy is relatively common. We would therefore love to provide a few steps and procedures in helping your next study session and being able to learn effectively. Study space is one of the essential aspects of improving your efficiencies and concentrations in studying. The area should be quiet and far from distraction. In other words, you should avoid looking in...

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