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Maximising Creativity in the Classroom

Sara Zarriello Research shows that the classroom doesn’t have to be strictly black and white to be effective. In fact, having a bit of grey could transform the experiences of not only students but teachers too. The overwhelming understanding from educational professionals in Australia is that creativity is an important aspect of learning. In 2020, the Australia Council for the Arts released the Cultivating Creativity: A study of the Sydney Opera House’s Creative Leadership in Learning Program Report. The study investigated the three year Creative Leadership in Learning Program set by the Sydney Opera House to introduce artistic and...

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Are Kids Susceptible to Online Gambling?

Sydney Observer Contributor Parents across the community have been urged to sit down with their adolescent children and discuss the dangers of online gambling. In a bid to entice the young ‘Candy Crush’ gaming generation, numerous companies have been advertising free-to-play online gambling apps that mimic video game formats to impressionable youth. This is an alarming thought, when considering just how popular video games and gaming apps have become amongst adolescents. Recently, the World Health Organisation officially recognised gaming addiction disorder as a mental health condition. To ensure these electronic gaming-machine apps are not available or marketed to anyone...

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Tips and Tricks for HSC Success

Madeleine Taplin The Higher School Certificate (HSC) examinations are looming on the horizon. For every child in the education system, the final Year 12 exams are often something approached with a sense of uncertainty, fear and anxiety. So, how do we ensure that amongst the stress of the past 2 months with COVID-19 lockdowns, the HSC progresses smoothly? Luckily for you, past students have all the tips you need to survive this period. We sat down with a previous HSC High Achiever to get all the answers you need to rest easy and relax in the lead up to,...

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Home Learning: Maintaining a Schedule

Madeleine Taplin As Sydney remains in lockdown, a number of things about our daily lives have changed. Most importantly, online learning is back, forcing kids out of the classroom and into home-study. It is well known that children tend to be sensitive to change. It can bring anxiety to the front and potentially create poor/negative behaviour. In order to deal with change appropriately, we have to start by making children understand that change can be good! By phrasing lockdown as a gained opportunity rather than a missed one, we can start to alter the way in which they see...

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The Kitchen Garden Foundation – Food Education

Madeleine Taplin For so many children, healthy eating habits come from hours spent with their parents in the kitchen. However sadly, many children don’t get to experience these fundamental moments due to a variety of reasons such as busy schedules and work timetables. Without this pattern at home, many are growing up with little understanding of food preparation. This is where the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation comes in. Originally kickstarted in 2001 by chef Stephanie Alexander, the foundation created a program for primary school students at Collingwood College to engage in the growing and cooking experience of food,...

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