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Play-based Learning… at Home with Parents!

As parents navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, we have been faced with many changes and much uncertainty. Additionally, we have been confronted with a new and unexpected situation when it comes to educating our children at home! Home-schooling has been adopted by the majority of parents. However, many parents feel under great pressure themselves at times and ill-equipped to home-school their children. In light of this, play-based learning is a useful concept! Early Childhood Educators from Deakin University note “research shows that play-based learning enhances a child’s academic and developmental learning outcomes. Children are naturally motivated to play, and...

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Distance Learning, a Parent’s Nightmare

Tayla Foster Across the country students for the first time in their life have missed the mundane and once dreaded notion of going to school. But nobody seems to miss it more than their parents. Distance learning has presented itself to be the new coming of age electronic assistance that allows students to take control of their learning at their own pace. The rise in popularity for education apps, such as ‘Sea Saw’ and ‘Google Classroom’, have sent parents across the nation into a fit of rage and exhaustion with a definitive newfound respect for education staff. With the...

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Inclusive Online Education

Nicholas Grant The transition from physical to virtual classrooms has been a challenging experience for many students. However, despite affecting an estimate 18% of Australians, students with disabilities or who require additional learning support have largely been forgotten from discussions about this shift online, with educators and parents sharing concerns that these students can no longer access the support they need. The very act of using technology in education inherently poses challenges for some students. A 2016 Pew Research Center survey found that people with disabilities, as a group, are less likely to feel comfortable using technology. The Australian...

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Stay Focused with these Productivity Tips

Dipti Singh Do you find it challenging to stay organised and be productive at the same time? With examinations approaching, lots of students might be getting stressed thinking about how to manage time better and arrange your days accordingly. Fortunately, technology is here to save the day, as you can download various apps to increase your productivity and be more organised and efficient. Try using these free productivity apps to strengthen study habits that can make a significant, positive difference in how you learn. 1) my Homework Student Planner App myHomework is a student planner digital app with a...

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Podcast suggestions to beat lockdown blues

Johanna Rumphorst With most of the lockdown measures still in place, indoor entertainment like Netflix, Spotify and podcasts hold as much importance more than ever. In particular, podcasts are the perfect distraction to take your mind off things, without affecting your productivity. It may come as a surprise, but the lockdown has actually had a negative effect on the podcast industry. With changes in the public’s daily routine such as less errands to run and less hours spent commuting, a significant number of listeners have been lost. Do not be deterred though as podcasts remain as vital as ever....

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