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Fab and Fruity Smoothies

Isabella Ross There is nothing better for the Spring weather than delicious and refreshing smoothies. Whether you are someone who works chaotic hours and has difficulty organising a substantial breakfast, or someone conscious about their health, here are some fresh and fruity smoothie recipes perfect for breakfast. A handy tip – if you are short on time and want to save a buck, using frozen fruit is a good alternative. The fruit still holds the same flavour and nutrients and it can actually save you lots of time. Using some zip lock bags, label each bag according to the...

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Turn to Gratitude in Times of Strife

We could all use a mood boost about now! Research has shown that consistently practicing gratitude over time can lead to feeling more positive emotions and help you deal with stress. Practising gratitude is a way of reminding yourself of all the good things that have happened to you (and savouring them). However, gratitude also involves acknowledging and being thankful for the people who helped make those good things happen. Gratitude can just be a way you feel and think, or you can involve expressing your thanks to someone who has helped you or been kind. Gratitude stops you...

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Accessorise your Look this Spring

Tayla Foster You’ve planned the perfect outfit and ensured that have the right shoes, the perfect top and skirt, but what is missing? The right accessory for your outfit!? Why not jazz up your wardrobe with a few simple and affordable accessories. Fashion trends come and go, but something that always lives on is the memory and even cringe worthy moments they bring when reminiscing over old photos. Avoid that cringe worthy moment by accessorising with the top 3 hacks this spring season. Scrunch it Up: Scrunchies are the new craze making its way back into the fashion world...

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Calm Mind, Happy Mind

Tayla Foster It is a common misconstrued trope that being physically active will in turn make a person feel at the peak of their mental wellbeing. Whilst being active can help an individual’s mental health, it is by no means the be all and end all of improving the quality of their mindset in a positive light. Settle in for 5 activities of staying at the very top of your mental wellbeing. Yoga: Yoga is all about centering one’s mind to be one with their physical being. The essence of yoga training will allow the body to break free...

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Beautiful Bathurst: Sydney Observer’s Guide

Tayla Foster Are you feeling stuck in the busy buzz of city life? Do you fight the urge to pack up the car and escape to the country? Why not enjoy the wide open plains and smoke-free country air with a trip two hours south to the tidy and historical town of Bathurst. The well-known town of Bathurst is located on the Macquarie River 207 kilometre’s south west of Sydney along the Great Western Highway. Being one of Australia’s oldest inland cities, the famous town has countless historical sites, buildings and monuments to visit, all the while sipping on...

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