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COVID-Safe HSC Guidelines Announced

Isabella Ross HSC is around the corner and for Year 12 students it has evidently been a challenging year! With the final exams set to begin on October 20, the date is slowly creeping up on students. Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said students need to be reassured that everything is being done to make sure they can sit their HSC without disruption. “HSC trials were held without major incident and we are now working with schools to implement guidelines and procedures that reduce the risk of a COVID-19 disruption for our HSC students,” Ms Mitchell said. “We are...

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Refresh Your Home’s Design

Isabella Ross It is spring-cleaning time – out with the old and in with the new! Refreshing your design and décor can always feel like a bit of a challenge and definitely overwhelming. But not to fear, because all it takes are simple strategies that can make a great difference. Whether it is colour, textiles or standout furniture pieces, there is something to suit every budget. Let Artwork Inspire: Art is a very personal expression of taste and creativity. Everyone likes different art pieces, whether it is Indigenous dot paintings, traditional scenic murals or modern sculptures. My recommendation is...

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Start the Conversation: R U OK?

Tayla Foster The ‘R U OK?’ Foundation is a nationally recognised suicide prevention charity designed to empower and inspire individuals around the world to connect with one another on a deep level. The prospective vision of the foundation is to live in a world where it isn’t taboo for someone to express their feelings openly and freely to another person in fear of rejection and judgement. Their motto, “a conversation could save a life” speaks of the simplicity in making another person’s day brighter just by simply asking them, ‘are you okay?’ Depression is a deadly silent killer, with...

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Wonderful Wattles

Brian Roach Just what would we do without our wonderful wattles? The drive along the M1 in late winter or early spring simply wouldn’t be the same. But sadly, even the more experienced gardeners tend to shy away from putting a wattle in the garden. There are three very questionable myths behind that reluctance. They get too big, they’re short-lived and they aggravate asthma. But there are some fantastic smaller wattles. Their life span can be greatly extended by judicious pruning and while wattles often get the blame, the inland grasses are seeding around the same time as many...

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Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Dr Ian Sweeney Choosing the right toothpaste can be an overwhelming decision. Surrounded by all of the marketing hype and plethora of options it is no wonder dentists are often asked, “which toothpaste should I use?” Well, let’s break it down. Firstly, why do we use toothpastes? We use toothpastes to help clean teeth and gums, strengthen teeth, reduce plaque and bacteria, reduce bad breath, reduce sensitivity and whiten teeth. Not every toothpaste will do all of these things, so then the decisions begin. Generally speaking, all toothpastes will clean teeth. They all contain some form of detergent or...

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