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Rent or Own? The Ultimate Question

Matthew Wai Will renting always be ‘dead money?’ Or will owning a property always guarantee you a constant appreciation? With a fluctuating market and climate, we can never be certain about these variables. However, in this article, we will help you make your decision-making easier by emphasizing the advantages of the two different methods. Owning a property: 1.     Property value rises in the future Although property prices may not climb significantly in the short-term, the value of your property will most likely rise in the long-term. This is, however, highly dependable on the features of your property, such as...

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What Type of Learner Are You?

Matthew Wai Studying is not for everyone, well at least, not in every circumstance. Most of us don’t love to study, especially with subjects or theories that we do not want to interact with. The loss of motivation and energy is relatively common. We would therefore love to provide a few steps and procedures in helping your next study session and being able to learn effectively. Study space is one of the essential aspects of improving your efficiencies and concentrations in studying. The area should be quiet and far from distraction. In other words, you should avoid looking in...

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Travel Overseas without Leaving Australia

Matthew Wai Along with the opening of the borders to most states, people are looking to travel interstate to enjoy their precious holidays after a load of hard work. However, the desire to travel overseas remains. Hence, the introduction of the following location is to allow travellers to experience a slight resemblance from other nations with their interstate travels. In comes the city of Hahndorf. Hahndorf, located within a 30-minute drive from Adelaide is an extraordinary place to experience the old ages of Germany but in South Australia. With its rich and flavourful agricultural environment from the farming background,...

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Upcoming Events to Check Out

Madeleine Taplin Sydney is without a doubt one of the busiest cities in the world. With plenty of activities, events, festivals and more happening around the clock, it can be pretty easy to totally miss hearing about them! With school back in session, it is time to start planning those special events to keep both parents and kids happy until the winter break. Here are some things you should check out now. Sydney Comedy Festival: Looking for a good laugh? Sydney’s biggest annual comedy festival is ready to kick off, taking over the city to present the very best...

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Creating the Heart of the Home: Kitchen Design

Madeleine Taplin There is no question that the importance of the kitchen is heads above everything else in the home. Without a kitchen that functions well, it can be really difficult to spend any amount of time in the space, let alone be able to produce something the whole family can enjoy. The kitchen needs to both work hard and look good, and with so many varying design ideas on the market, it can be overwhelming to consider. Luckily for you, we have all the design tips you need to make this space into a relaxed, well-flowing and practical...

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