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Psychic Inclinations

Tess Gibney visits suburban psychic, Kerrie Erwin Across the hall from the Chinese acupuncturist, Kerrie Erwin’s office is flooded with light. Mid-morning sunshine accentuates the white of the walls, neatly crowded with dozens of proudly framed certificates. There are so many of them it’s hard to focus on reading each one singularly; and soon enough, the diverse credentials begin to bleed together in my mind. 
Aside from the sweet, lingering scent of what I presume to be aromatherapy oils, the office is relatively unassuming. Though it is distinctly lacking in the typical clinical sterility of a psychologist’s room, it...

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Work Vs. Play

Summer studying is all about balance Steph Nash School’s out for the summer! And for many, it’s time to take advantage of the brilliant weather. But for some, it’s a time of increased academic pressures from both parents and teachers – a period where many senior students begin to buckle down and prepare for the school year to come. Should students be studying in preparation for the year ahead? Or should they be relaxing, and enjoying the most of their much anticipated summer break? The debate between work and play over the summer holidays is always a touchy topic,...

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Global responsibility on a gap year Stella Gray A rite of passage for young people the world over, the gap year shows no sign of decreasing in popularity in Australia, according to universities and industry. The tradition of taking a year off to explore the world and develop life skills is a sacred tradition for many Australian university students. Nowadays, students are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing their gap year adventure. Will Pashley, Australian manager of Projects Abroad, an organisation that facilitates overseas volunteering programs, says there has been an increase of students signing up for...

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Data Retention: Will it affect my privacy?

The Attorney-General announced this year that the Federal Government would like to keep tabs on its citizens’ internet usage for purposes of national security. Will the data retention laws really be as innocent as the government claim? Stella Gray investigates The federal government’s plan to keep logs of every Australian internet and phone user’s activity for two years, to be made accessible without a warrant, has drawn criticism from experts and industry over privacy and legal concerns. The data retention bill proposes that communication service providers retain what is referred to as ‘metadata’, which includes: device locations, phone numbers...

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Local Volunteer a Winner

Long-time North Shore resident wins Mentor of the Year Steph Nash   Former Newport resident Maureen Pollard, 71, was named the New South Wales Mentor of the Year by the Australian Youth Mentoring Network early last month.   As a long-time volunteer for the Raise Foundation, a school counselling organisation, Maureen has spent the last eight years working with children from all over Sydney. She began working with Raise in 2006, which saw her travel to various schools in the Northern Beaches community. She has mentored children at Pittwater High School in Mona Vale, Barrenjoey in Avalon, and Narrabeen...

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