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It’s Time to go Meatless

Dipti Singh New Year’s goals for many people include weight loss, healthy cooking, being happier and doing more to make the planet a kinder environment. The good news is that by going vegetarian, you can accomplish all these goals and can enjoy tasty, nutritious meals too. A vegetarian diet is a lifestyle preference that is not for everyone. Many individuals though, consider that lowering their meat consumption not only benefits their health but also supports their pocket since vegetarian protein products are often cheaper than animal protein. Eating less meat helps you to try more plant-based foods and assists...

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Support Black-Owned Beauty Brands

Dipti Singh As part of the Black Lives Matter movement, millions of supporters not only took to the streets to condemn racial injustice but also to their wallets to fund black-owned companies. Black innovators, musicians, businesspeople and common citizens alike have all made major differences to culture, both locally and internationally. Now is the time to reassess our buying behaviours and embrace black-owned enterprises that sell things that most of us already purchase, including beauty products. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Pat McGrath Labs Known simply as ‘mother’ to the beauty industry, Pat McGrath is a legend as...

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Local North Shore Activities for Seniors

Dipti Singh It takes some imagination and preparation to find an enjoyable activity that is ideal for the skills of a senior, but it is worth shaking up the routine a bit and getting out of the house. Connecting with others, learning and getting all the senses involved can help to keep elders’ brains active and sharp. It is the best time to encourage the seniors in your life to seek new enjoyable activities. LIBRARIBUS Ku-ring-gai operates a FREE bus for seniors who cannot individually access the Library. The Libraribus and its friendly driver will provide free door-to-door transportation...

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It’s all about timing

Tayla Foster Buying a property is often referred to as taking a leap of faith. Investing a large sum of one’s life savings in order to make a large investment is evidence of such. Even in a booming economic climate with the world functioning as ‘normal,’ the notion of saying goodbye to one’s money and hello to mortgage repayments and debt is enough to make anyone’s nerves go into overdrive! Considering the current economic climate, let’s beg the question on home buyers’ minds – is it truly a good time to be making such a large investment in 2020?...

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Find the Brightness in your Home Office

Johanna Rumphorst We all know the feeling of hearing our alarm clock at 6:30am. The ominous ringing crashes into a headache before your eyes are even open. The headache is worsened by rushing to get clothes on, a hastily dispatched breakfast and a sprint to the train or tram. The craziness of a pre-lockdown morning is something we do not miss. Then COVID-19 came.  After a long day of work at the computer, instant messages with colleagues instead of meetings and a one-hour commute back home, we were wondering: why not work from home? Our longing for more home...

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