Plankton play a crucial part it in oxygenating oceans and sustaining marine life.

The Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival, running from 15 – 19 March this year, is a program of ideas, art, music and actions, solutions and innovations, toward improving ocean health and encouraging the community to accelerate positive change.

The Australian National Maritime Museum will demonstrate the latest remotely-operated underwater vehicle (ROV) technology, host a pop-up exhibition, hands-on craft and workshops, and a conversation at Science in your Swimmers talks.

The sea comes to the surface in demonstrations and hands-on sessions for students and festival-goers in North Bondi. Students will discover features and potential applications while exploring local rockpool life. Visitors can expect to see an array of underwater creatures, minerals and plants, depending on what is washed up in rockpools each day.

ROVs have been a key part in the museum’s education program since 2019, connecting students and visitors with leading-edge technology, exploring what lies beneath the surface. The Ocean Science and Sustainability school program is STEM-focused, allowing students hands-on experience with leading-edge technology used for underwater exploration, maritime archaeology, testing, surveying and industrial purposes.

The Museum’s Head of Education, Mathew Sloane, said:
We are delighted to be bringing our new ‘deep-tracker’ ROV’s to the Volvo Ocean Lovers Festival and sharing the thrill of having a ‘fish-eye view’ of our local sea life. We would expect to see things such as small fish, crustaceans and marine plants – but it is really more about the fun of ROV operations and gaining an idea of what they can do.

The museum is currently developing our existing education program; we want to ignite the imaginations of young people and engage them in the challenges and opportunities of maintaining healthy waterways and oceans. It’s our aim that an increased sense of understanding will also bring a greater sense of engagement and care for preserving the health of our marine environments. It’s also about practical maritime exploration and fun.

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