Pamela Rontziokos

A report by the United Nations (UN) reveals Russia has committed war crimes since invading Ukraine this February.

The finding comes after the UN established the Independent International Commission of Inquiry which investigated the roots and causes of alleged violations of international law and human rights.

In a press conference on 23 September, the inquiry told the UN Human Rights council, “War crimes have been committed in Ukraine.”

“The Commission has visited 27 towns and settlements and has interview more than 150 victims and witnesses.”

“We have inspected sites of destruction, graved, places of detention and torture,” the UN member told Genevan journalists.

Earlier this year in March, the International Court of Justice gave orders to Ukraine to cease military operations in Ukraine. Despite this, Russia continues to move across Ukraine soil terrorising civilians. 

The report noted the devastating effect of the conduct of hostilities, where the use of explosives has destroyed infrastructure including schools, hospitals, and residential homes.

This force has wiped out entire areas of Kharkiv and stands as the main cause of recorded deaths.

Indiscriminate attacks by Russian forces without distinguishing whether groups were civilians or soldiers indicates the unwavering hostility from Russia.

Cases of violent executions, unlawful confinement and sexual abuse – including towards children, have been said to occur at the hands of Russian forces.

The Commission brought to the fore the violations against personal integrity and human rights, quoting an older woman who fled Ukraine, who said “I don’t live, I just exist; I have nothing left in my soul.”

A total of 5,718 people have been killed, including 372 children. With a country blown to bits, a prosperous future is bleak. It was recorded that over 7 million Ukrainians have fled their country claiming refugee status.