Image: Cilla Davis, Flamingo Territory, Mixed media

Pamela Rontziokos

The Ku-ring-Gai Art Centre gallery is hosting an inspiring and immersive art experience at their ‘Annual Tutors Show’ this winter.

Until 18 August, art centre students, tutors, and independent artists’ creative works will be on display for people to visit for free!

Jane Meakins, Arts & Cultural Coordinator at Ku-ring-Gai Art Centre gallery says:
“Viewing artworks opens our eyes to much more than just seeing colour, lines, shapes and so on. We can see the world through another’s eyes. By going to exhibitions we can be inspired to try something new and have different experiences.”

The exhibition echoes a variety of themes and styles. Artists Lyn Woodger Grant, Rachel Carroll, Kim Sotheren and Ann Milch present the Australian landscape, with beautiful native flowers in acrylic and oil creative works. Shipra Shah and Dee Jackson similarly showcase ‘tranquil watercolour scenes’ of the Australian landscape.

You can be transported to the coast by Simone Young’s organic jewellery and ceramics, featuring Australian shells and sea turtles. There are also contrasting artworks which possess the spirit of pop art and modernism.

The Annual Tutors Show aims to highlight the talent of their tutors and emphasise how art creates conversation about important topics, “for example, Brandt Lewis’ painting was created in response to the continuing conflicts around the world, something we may be powerless to stop but we can make a statement about through art”, says Jane Maekins.

All artists in the exhibition have dedicated days, weeks or months of intense artistic expression. Jane Maekins said, “Ceramic works by Kim-Anh Nguyen and Warren Hogden are formed over many hours of manipulating clay, firing, glazing and the finishing process.”

The event seeks to encourage and inspire other potential or upcoming artists to start their creative journey with the Ku-ring-gai Art Centre. Offering workshops, classes and activities, from the age of 5 to adults, the centre facilitates a rich environment for artistic growth.

Jane told Sydney Observer that people should come to the Annual Tutors show, “to be inspired, see what’s new and how you too can learn some new skills.”

If you would like to get involved, term courses over 9 weeks, weekend workshops, adult summer school, and four school holidays programs are hosted by the Ku-ring-gai Art centre throughout the year.

Information can be accessed on their website –