Jay Houhlias

If you catch public transport, there is no doubt you have been impacted by the severe weather recently.

Your short, well-planned trip might have turned into a colossal journey spanning far longer than you anticipated. Whilst it is frustrating, the weather conditions and rain are considered to be ‘unprecedented’, and it seems everyone is on the same boat (excuse the cruel irony).

Trains and buses have been hit the hardest, with Transport NSW stating that you should except delays and gaps in services due to significant damage to both track and road networks.

However, as conditions ease off, crew will be working around the clock to carry out repairs.

In the meantime, Transport NSW is urging you to avoid non-essential travel, and to plan ahead leaving plenty of extra travel time.

Visit transportnsw.info for more information and to stay updated with the latest Sydney transport news.

Image of Gordon train station